Two Baboons and a Gorilla please!

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Fristly, my Sept 1st page from LSNED. I am keeping the style as simple as possible so that there is a remote chance I will complete the 30 pages in 30 days, (today I have used a little bit of pink Bazzill card, a smidge of pattern paper, a couple of Paperchase stickers and journalling strips and of course some doodling!)

Yesterday, we had our long awaited trip to GO APE where we were described as 2 Baboons and a Gorilla! For me this was going to be the highlight of the holidays as we have done very little as a family and David has worked the whole time Gracia and I have been off. This was his one day out!

The Go Ape experience lived up to all my expectations - it was such fun, although I failed to stop on any of the 5 zip wires and each time landed in a heap at the bottom and usually facing in the wrong direction. My theory is that because I am so short, I have less distance to stop in as my feet don't hit the ground, running, until very nearly at the end of the run. Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

What a relaxing day, arriving at Thetford in time for a cup of tea and a piece of delicious cake. A 3.5 mile walk through the forest.

Lunch and then Go Ape. David walked around the course, with Kiera, taking photos while Gracia her b/f and I swung through trees.

Navigated aerial runways and, in my case, crashed down the zip wires.

And posed for pictures, without holding on and hanging way to high for your mum to be comfortable about you not holding on!

We three had a fabulous time, poor David was bored stiff just watching us have fun and taking photos. Next time, and there will be a next time, he is going to come on the course with us!

So what did I learn yesterday:-

* That you are never too old to conquer your fears - I hate heights!
* That a day out with people you love can make your spirits soar.
* That Gracia has made a good choice with this young man and it is so lovely to see them together, teasing each other, laughing and smooching (David doesn't like that part one little bit)!
* That watching the film 'Keeping Mum' (which has some very frisky bits in) with your daughter and her b/f is the height of embarrassment.

But most of all I have learnt that we don't spend enough time together as a family. Something I will try to correct.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We are a close and happy family.
2. Gracia's b/f fits into our little family life quite nicely.
3. I have a nice hot bath to climb into before work to ease my aching legs!



You go girl! Love the lo, and that you conquered your fear.