We are 100!

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First of all, apologies for the lack of photos and amount of waffle on the blog entry - explanation at the end!

Yesterday, was the start of our 100 birthday celebrations for Girl Guiding. Our district started the ball rolling with a party for all current Rainbows, Brownies and Guides and anyone who had been part of the association previously. We had loads of ladies, both young and old turn up. Every unit had an activity planned to illustrate a decade from the 100 years and mine was shrink plastic crowns - 50's for the Queen's coronation. In all I cut out 40 and all 40 were made! I now have sore fingers from poking hot shrink plastic to try and flatten the warped ones.

In the morning I had Sunday School for the pre schoolers and after my initial panic about not realising I was running it the whole thing fell into place easily. My dear friend Caroline always collects what people have done for each lesson and files them away in packs - so all I had to do was look in the pack for ideas. I made feet and hand shaped biscuits, we did foot and hand prints in paint onto rolls of paper and all had so much fun. We were blessed with 3 adults to 4 children and Caroline left church early to come and help clear up as she knew I was rushing off to the Guider party.

Learning for today:

Trust in God and things will work out ok.

Friends are always there to give a helping hand, usually without being asked.

There are more hours in the day than I thought (I worried that I would not get everything done and I had time to spare in the end)!

But my main lesson of the day was how kind, caring and committed the Guiders are who voluntarily work to make the weekly meetings and extra activities for girls aged from 5 to 18 exciting and engaging. For 100 years there have been women and men who willingly give up their time to make the lives of others a little more exciting and challenging. Giving girls opportunities they may not have had otherwise. So I say Go Girl Guiding and here's to the next 100 years!

I also learnt that I shouldn't take 'still life' photos when I am tired - you get vital components of the photo upside down (look at the Tey District badge)!

Finally, a lesson I must remember - check that you have copied the photos from your camera card to the computer before you wipe the card!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. It all came right in the end.

2. I absolutely love the girls and adults I work with in Girl Guiding.

3. I did at least manage to save 1 photo from today before wiping the card.



scrappysue said...

What a wonderful thing girl guides are; wish we had something similar in Dubai. Takes me right back to my childhood. Glad the celebrations went well. scrappysue from LSNED