Well, What Did I Learn Today?

20:11 Karen 0 Comments

Today was day 1 of Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class and what have I learnt today? Several things really:-

* That leaving your daughter at the gates of the Sixth Form College for her first tutorial wrenches at your heart just as much as when you left her at the classroom door for her first day in reception class.

* That starting college is a costly experience, in addition to all the new clothes that are "absolutely essential" and after a 4 hour shopping trip for folders, paper, pens, rubbers, rulers, pencil sharpeners etc and a monthly bus pass you don't get much change out of £80.00! Not to mention the £60.00 she has to take on Thursday for text books!

* That the college think that Gracia is Oxbridge material :).

* That Paperchase sell the cutest little stickers.

Also that the past tense of learn can be learned or learnt - I prefer learnt!

I made the title page for my journal this morning and love the quote I found and am going to try to keep to it - " Learn the rules - so you know how to break them!" For speed I have decided to use index cards for the journalling. The lines are already there to be written on and all I have to do is then cut out the strips and outline them!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I spoilt myself with some cute little Paperchase stickers which may well end up in my LSNED album.

2. Shopping with Gracie, although very expensive is also lots of fun.

3. We are going to Go Ape tomorrow!