While The Boy's Away The Girls Will Play!

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Learn Something New Every Day - Sept 18th

Still missing that boy of mine but making the most of it! Both Gracia and I have taken advantage of his absence to do things that might be frowned upon if he were here. Don't get me wrong, he is not a control freak or a dictator in our house but the girls in our home, when left to their own devices, are much messier than he would like!

So what did we get up to yesterday? Nothing too bad but over the weekend Gracia has been allowed to see her b/f more than she would normally do on a weekend. Only because David thinks I run her around too much. We differ on this point as we live on an infrequent bus route and I see it as our choice to live where we do. Given the choice Gracia would live much closer to the town and her friends - I sometimes think she would move in with Hannah, given half the chance!

We both went shopping at ASDA and had macaroni cheese and chips for lunch there, not very healthy but the only hot vegetarian option available. We came home to put the shopping away and look what we saw coming up the hill to our house - aren't they the most beautiful cows ever? I believe they are a breed that the farmer imported from Switzerland.

We then went into town for an hours mooching before she met up with said b/f after he had finished his new Saturday job and they disappeared off to do their own thing. I went into the local fabric shop for some lace for this LO which I had planned to do earlier. I used a sketch - not something I usually do but it came together so quickly I think I will use sketches from the net more often.

The delicious spotty journalling spot was made by the lovely SJ and can be purchased from HERE. Save your pennies to buy these lovely little bits of gorgeousness I just love them and they have so many uses. I have even used them as flowers on los.

Now, this is the bit where I fess up to doing what I wouldn't normally do - look at this mess.

I usually tidy up every evening or at the worst in the morning because I craft on the dining room table and we use it every day! But as it was only me for tea and a pizza can be eaten just as easily from a tray in front of X-Factor as at the dining room table, I left it. Boy do I regret it today as I now have all this mess to clear up. Yes that is my cutting mat and yes I do only have about a 6in square of space left to work on. Perhaps, this is why I am enjoying my little 6 x 4 album - it fits into the available space usually left on my cutting mat once I have hauled every possible item of stash out onto the table! Also there is the debris from the page I made on Friday too - I really am so not looking forward to clearing up this little lot, it stretches the whole length of the table, spills out onto the blanket box and then onto the floor. I knew it was getting bad when I finally had to finish my page on the work surface in the kitchen as it was the only available space large enough to take a 12 x 12!

What did I learn yesterday:_

I really must tidy up as I go along as it stresses me to work in such an untidy state.

Love the unexpected - coming round the corner and chancing upon those beautiful cows.

I can enjoy my own company a lot more than I thought I could.

I have put off finishing David's invoices for too long (my big job for today - 72 of them).

Learn Something New Every Day - September 19th

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. In about 30 minutes I will have reclaimed the dining room table from the ever increasing pile of crafting requisites!

2. The prospect of taking Kiera down to the woods for a long walk at lunchtime takes the edge of the time it will take to tackle the huge pile of invoices on my desk.

3. Egg on toast for Sunday breakfast - that may have to wait until I have found the dining room table!

Note - I also learnt today that when the internet crashes it can take you nearly 4 hours (1 of those on the phone to Netgear) to get back online!