Home Sweet Home Again xxx

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Well, after another trip to Mum's I am now home for a while, I hope. I am just so tired and snappy that I think an early night is a must today. Over the last 29 days I have been to Shropshire 4 times driving about 1,500 miles and endured a 4 hour train journey! Although, yesterday I took my auntie to my uncle's house, on the way home from Mum's, which is 2 miles from Artbase and felt it would have been so rude to be so close and not to call in and make a little purchase. Sooooo, what did I buy, well I bought a piece of Crate paper that I had also bought last time I was there but loved so much, some really funky Stacy Claire Boyd paper, a piece of Bo Bunny paper AND some absolutely, absolutely, gorgeous Making Memories paper along with 5 sheets of Kraft Bazzill (I just love that cardstock to bits). Two sheets of the Making Memories paper and the Kraft card are not in the photo because I have used them already! (see below).

This is what I used the Making Memories paper for - I really wanted to make something last night and decided to make the covers and pages for my Journal Your Christmas album, a little early I know but once I saw the Making Memories papers I knew they were the ones I needed (note I say needed and not wanted because it was a need) to make the covers with. I have yet to decide on a title for this little number and I am looking for a nice little star to go on top of the Christmas tree.

Also, whilst browsing around the net, last week, I saw a beautiful Little Yellow Bicycle paper pad from Oyster Stamps. This obviously was another thing I needed for my Christmas Journal so I felt obliged to order this along with the co-ordinating gems! So along with the 5 sheets of Kraft that I have already cut to size and punched with the Bind-it-All, I am good to go once the prompts start hitting my inbox!

This morning started with me making 3 spider skirts for Gracia and two of her friends to wear at a party tonight - a bargain outfit really because they purchased a child's 'Spider Bride' outfit and 'Spider' wings from Poundland and 2 mtrs of black ribbon each - a fancy dress costume for £3.50 each!

I then slit open the skirts, added another section of fabric from the veils that they didn't want, sewed this onto the ribbon and Voila - skirts large enough for teenage girls!

Lastly, a few details from a lo I made earlier in the week.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Unless there is an emergency, I don't have to travel back to Shropshire until Christmas.

2. Lunch out in town with Gracia was so lovely, she is such good company.

3. Gracia and David are out tonight so after I have paid David's suppliers I can have a long soak in the bath and watch whatever I want on the t.v.



A Long Time In The Coming

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I had the idea for making Christmas Journals a few months ago and it has taken me until now to get my act together and get them sorted. So today I have opened a little shop on Folksy and uploaded a couple of examples.

I have also tweaked my blog a little because I have enrolled for this Shimelle class.

I know - you are saying "When do you expect to find the time to do that?" but I enjoyed the last Shimelle class - Learn Something New Every Day - so much and it is simply ages until the Journal Your Christmas class that I just have to do a little something.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have at long last managed to get my Christmas Journals sorted.

2. Gracia and I had a fabulous couple of hours in town this morning and really enjoyed each other's company.

3. I have almost got to the bottom of the dirty washing pile :)



Wyverstone is good for my soul

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Well, this week has been an odd sort of week! I was away from work for the first three days with a chest infection and fortunately, that has cleared up except a slight cough - thanks to an understanding GP and some antibiotics. I spent the three days either asleep on the sofa or watching daytime tv. How do people watch that rubbish for days on end? Where does Jeramy Kyle find such angry people? How do I become a Loose Woman - I love the grumpy old women on that show and desperately want to be able to say such outrageous things and get away with it!

I also rediscovered what a good friend Eileen is. When I got home on Friday, after a marathon 6 hours of running around trying to get various things sorted, in my porch was a bunch of beautiful Irises and a bar of my favourite chocolate. When I rang to see if this anonymous gift was from her, she then insisted on driving to Wyverstone on Saturday, even though it was my turn. A huge thanks Bud xxxx I was able to stay for the duration and not worry about being 'under the weather' and having to drive home late at night.

Well, talking about Wyverstone - what a productive day. I made 4 pages and still had time to sit and chill, reading magazines for 45 minutes at the end. My mojo has returned with vengeance! I so loved yesterday, it was good to go to a place where most people were unaware of the events of the past few weeks and to sit and just scrap with my friends. Thank you Janice and Lorraine and all the other girlies xxx

The pages I made , in order of appearance, are:-

1. Bloom

Yes that is just plain old newspaper I used for the flowers and leaves. I spray glued it onto white card stock to give it some substance and then punched out the shapes, or cut out the leaves with deckle edged scissors. It may not be archival safe but in reality who is going to want to look at my pages in 20 years time? If I was making a page that I felt was documenting family history or a family event I would certainly make it acid free but when it is just a piece of scrap art for my own pleasure - anything goes!

Love Walking

I wanted to try a collage look and hand cut the tree and covered it with 90% of my stash of green buttons and brads. I used a punch for the flowers and then folded them to give a 3D look (this lo is so lumpy I have no chance of getting it into a page protector). I used a heart shaped punch for the leaves and made the little heart shaped photo corner. The scalloped 'grass' is made from lots of punched circles of paper cut in half and layered over each other to give the scallops.

J 'hearts' G

I used a sketch form the MOJO Blog for this one. I have only recently discovered the pleasure of scrapping from sketches and love being able to 'whip' up a page fairly quickly without too much shuffling of paper and photos.

Our Grease Monkey

I have probably said this before - David does not like me to scrap photos of him! I saw this Bo Bunny paper ages ago and bought it with the sole intention of making a page about David at work (naughty I know but sometimes you just have to do these things)! If you look at the photo he is actually looking over at Kiera to see why she is getting up (because she has seen me) so I was able to sneak a photo without him even knowing, heee, heee, heee. I cut out some of the cog shapes from one of the pieces of paper and layered them up, interlinking them, so they were like cogs in an engine - or so I think. I wanted to celebrate how hard David works every day and that his main motivation for working is to be able to give me and Gracia the best life he possibly can!

Finally, I have saved the best bit until last. At Wyverstone yesterday, they had a bring and buy sale and I managed (thanks to Eileen pointing it out to me) to buy a Craft Robo of £20.00, Yes you read that correctly £20.00. I can't believe it and had to go and check that this was the actual amount the the seller wanted (a huge thanks to Fi) and it was. I have been wanting one of these for ever and am so fired up about having one. I woke up in the night with little excited thoughts and big plans for this little blue wonder!

So it's half term and this time it has been a long time coming. I have loads of David's work to catch up on, as usual, a trip to mum's for a few days and of course a little scrapping and learning how to utilise my new toy to the best of it's ability!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Yesterday, I had the most fantastic day out with the girls.

2. I have got the bargain of the year.

3. Today I promise myself that we will all go for a nice long walk on this beautiful, crisp autumn day.



Getting There!

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After a very difficult 16 days we feel that we are 'Getting There' and beginning to sort things out and starting to move on a little each day. It was a shock to lose Dad and even more so for Mum as they got engaged 3 days after meeting and have been together for 54 years.

The folks at work have been so understanding about the time I have taken off and sent me these absolutely beautiful flowers.

My girlie has been fabulous and bought me this beautiful handbag, she paid double what she thought it would be as when it said 'half price' on the label she thought it would be half the price written on the label but the label price was the half price. She went ahead and bought it for me anyway :) It reminds me of a post a few weeks ago - we shouldn't be allowed out shopping by ourselves!

I haven't been scrapping at all over the past few weeks and am due to go to a crop on Saturday so hope my mojo returns by then. If not I will take my knitting and just chat with the girls and drop the occasional stitch! I am not too sure about this little number - too much like West Ham United colours for my liking!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We feel that we are through the worst and beginning to get it back together again.

2. I have the most supportive family imaginable and am so grateful.

3. My knitting project is coming along nicely and almost finished - I am looking forward to starting something else



Sad News & Glad News

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A very short post containing both glad and sad news. First, the sad news. My dear Dad passed away suddenly on Thursday 1st October.

My mum phoned to say he had been taken ill at 6:30 and we had lost him by 7:30. We are all so touched by everybody's kindness and are truly grateful that he didn't suffer one little bit. So the last 10 days have been taken up with driving to Mum's house and back - twice, a total of 800 miles and the many things which have to be sorted out and arranged.

Secondly, I came back last Saturday to do the Big Drop on Sunday, before returning mum's on Monday.

I made it and to my surprise wasn't as scared as I thought I would be. I am proud to say that in total I raised more than £200 for the very worthy cause of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We all have very lovely memories of a very dear man and are so grateful that his last day was one of happiness and joy.

2. We are all very lucky with the support we have received, from the friends we have chosen and the ones who have chosen us.

3. Our little family of 3 grows stronger and closer through adversity and I thank God daily for giving me David and Gracia.



I Made It!

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When I signed up for the Learn Something New Every Day project, it was an impulse move and I immediately regretted it and if I could have, would have changed my mind but I am so glad I didn't. I now have a beautiful little book which documents the month of September and I am so pleased with both it and myself for completing it. I have even signed up for Journal Your Christmas so I must have enjoyed it. I think that if I think small and plan ahead I will be able to achieve a Christmas project too.

My page for 30th September

and my closing page.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have surprised myself by finishing this project.

2. I do not have to go anywhere this evening - I am in and I intend staying in!

3. David is going out, Gracie is all set for an early night and I am going to have a long soak in the bath!