Getting There!

11:43 Karen 1 Comments

After a very difficult 16 days we feel that we are 'Getting There' and beginning to sort things out and starting to move on a little each day. It was a shock to lose Dad and even more so for Mum as they got engaged 3 days after meeting and have been together for 54 years.

The folks at work have been so understanding about the time I have taken off and sent me these absolutely beautiful flowers.

My girlie has been fabulous and bought me this beautiful handbag, she paid double what she thought it would be as when it said 'half price' on the label she thought it would be half the price written on the label but the label price was the half price. She went ahead and bought it for me anyway :) It reminds me of a post a few weeks ago - we shouldn't be allowed out shopping by ourselves!

I haven't been scrapping at all over the past few weeks and am due to go to a crop on Saturday so hope my mojo returns by then. If not I will take my knitting and just chat with the girls and drop the occasional stitch! I am not too sure about this little number - too much like West Ham United colours for my liking!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We feel that we are through the worst and beginning to get it back together again.

2. I have the most supportive family imaginable and am so grateful.

3. My knitting project is coming along nicely and almost finished - I am looking forward to starting something else



Mel said...

Adorable handbag!! Hang in there hun, xx