A Long Time In The Coming

17:15 Karen 2 Comments

I had the idea for making Christmas Journals a few months ago and it has taken me until now to get my act together and get them sorted. So today I have opened a little shop on Folksy and uploaded a couple of examples.

I have also tweaked my blog a little because I have enrolled for this Shimelle class.

I know - you are saying "When do you expect to find the time to do that?" but I enjoyed the last Shimelle class - Learn Something New Every Day - so much and it is simply ages until the Journal Your Christmas class that I just have to do a little something.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have at long last managed to get my Christmas Journals sorted.

2. Gracia and I had a fabulous couple of hours in town this morning and really enjoyed each other's company.

3. I have almost got to the bottom of the dirty washing pile :)



Not sure what your tweaks are, but it looks great . . . very cheerful!

Amy said...

Your blog looks great Karen, I love your slideshow.