Getting back in the swing of things!

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Things soon return back to what we call normal in our house. Yesterday was spent doing the books and banking for David and Gracia and I went to church for 3 hours to help with a Bright Party they had organised. This was something for the local children to do rather than go trick or treating and was intended to be a bit of an anti-Halloween party. I know I sound like an old killjoy but I really don't like trick or treating. I think it can get out of hand and sometimes old folks are too frightened to say no or that they don't agree with it and then they are forced to spend money on treats they don't really want to give. I call it obtaining goods with menace! Ok wait a minute whilst I climb off my 'high horse' and I will tell you about the rest of my weekend.

When we returned from church David offered to buy us take-a-way pizza for tea so we had a splendid evening eating pizza and watching the X-factor.

Today, I helped Gracia decorate a t-shirt for her b/f first thing and then took her to his house for the day. I went from there to The Range to buy supplies to make a craft for the Rainbows tomorrow and then on to ASDA for a medium sized shop.

Oh, my life is so filled with excitement this weekend! When I got home I had David's suppliers to pay and the Rainbow craft to cut out.

We are making these and I think they are really cute hair slides.

This evening we are all going to the 6.00 service at church and then back home to have tea and watch the X-Factor results and Doc Martin then off to bed.

If you have gotten this far with reading about my exciting weekend you are very patient!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am looking forward to going to Church in a minute.

2. We had left over pizza for lunch - yum.

3. Gracia had a lovely day with her b/
f's family today.



Unknown said...

Hello from Shimelle's clas *waves*
I take it you were prep'ing a craft for Rainbow Guides? I too am a Rainbow Guider, happy Guiding x