"Have you got something wrong with your brain?"

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I was asked this question today, by one of the children at school, when I wouldn't let them do something that wanted to do. The exact statement was "Why won't you let me - Don't you understand - have you got something wrong with your brain?" This got me thinking that it must be difficult to understand other people's reasoning when it differs so much from your own. I always try to see both sides to a story, listen to both sides of a tale, reason that all people are different but to some children life is very black and white. There is only one way and that is their way. I love my work and it is statements like this one today that make me roar with laughter and appreciate that there is the possibility of laughter and fun in every day - you only have to look for it.

Shimelle's prompt today was to think about an amazing day. I am lucky with the family and friends I have and the job and outside activities that I do to have many amazing days but today one sprung to mind.

It was during the school summer hols in 2008 and we spent 5 days together going tovarious places - we went to London for a couple of days, spent time with the extended family, went to a custom car show (a surprisingly exciting day out) but the one day that stands out from the rest was when we went to Dedham.

This was special because we were able to include Kiera in our day and for us the best days are when she is able to come too. The day started late and we arrived in Dedham and went for a walk along the river. Well, I say walk but we walked and Kiera swam most of the way (shhhh she also chased the occasional duck but don't tell anyone.)

As a family, we love walking because it gives us the opportunity to chat and laugh and generally fool about! We lunched at the Art Centre, I can thoroughly recommend the food there as it is home cooked and wholesome. The cakes and puddings are delicious and lunch here usually comprises a bowl of soup and one but usually two cakes or puddings!

After lunch we decided to hire a row boat and row down the river.

As Gracia and I had never rowed before this was such an adventure - how can you row in circles and not move any distance or row straight into the bank? This is a special art that Gracia master to perfection!

We rowed into other boats and into tree roots but eventually managed to get as far as the bridge and then turned round to return to the jetty.

At this point Kiera spotted yet more ducks and decided that they were obviously mocking her and needed to be taken in hand she then launched herself into the river. This would have been ok if I hadn't been holding onto her lead - fortunately I let go just in time and off she went in hot pursuit of the ducks. Maybe we would have gotten away with just a wet dog if the ducks hadn't made for the muddy bank, but no she felt the need to continue the chase out of the river and into the mud.

It's funny how a dog's hearing fails miserably when it has a duck in its sight. No matter how much we called she would not listen until all ducks had been dispersed. We then had to row over to the bank and pull her back into the boat. She now looked as though she had mud wellington boots on and you can imagine the mess she made of the boat - no don't try to imagine as it was awful. On our return to the boat hire shed, Gracia and I suddenly had a terrible urge to go to the toilet, thus leaving poor David to explain the state of the boat to the owner!

What made this day stand out from all the rest - it was that we laughed until our sides ached and our cheeks were sore from smiling. We laughed until tears run down our faces and we were making loud snorting noises. We laughed at each others efforts at rowing, David and I laughed at Gracia loosing her temper because she could not master rowing, David and Gracia laughed at me almost being pulled into the river and Gracia and I, hid behind a tree, and laughed at David trying to explain the state of the boat. So what makes a great day for us, quite simply one which contains an enormous amount of fun and laughter and if I am being honest that is most days we spend together.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Shimelle made me remember an absolutely lovely day from the past and now I have blogged it, it will remain firmly in my memory.

2. We are so fortunate to have each other to love and appreciate and spend such fun times together.

3. I have the best job in the world and every day a child says something to make me smile or laugh out loud



scrappyjacky said...

Isn't it wonderful to look back on past happy days like that....and the fact we all now have so many phoyos makes it so much easier.

Anonymous said...

I love your story and your reasons to be cheerful at the end!

Jocelyn said...

Your story made me smile!

SarahLP said...

I loved reading this story, it really made me smile - you all sound like a lovely family :o)
Love the photos too - esp the one of Kiera shaking off the water!