A New Beginning.

19:56 Karen 12 Comments

Well, today is the start of Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers course. I first saw this course advertised in Scrapbook Inspirations in August and e-mailed Shimelle about it then. So I am very keen to do the course and will try to blog most days for the next month. Prompts plop into my inbox each day and it will be up to me whether I do what they suggest or something else. There are three options for the course:-

Blogging without taking any photos of your own but using copywrite free ones of the internet.
Blogging with your own photos.
Blogging and making a page about your blog.

I am going to try for option 2, option 1 may be the way I go sometimes and option 3 would be my ideal option but this may only be achievable occasionally.

Today the prompt was to show your working space and a scrapbook page. I have chosen 'Essential Walking Gear' as this is my fave page at the moment.

So what else have I done? Yesterday, I discovered yet another of David's 'improvements' to the house. A hole about 30cm square and at least 1m deep, and where else would it be but in the lounge! It will eventually have a beam in to support the ceiling but at the moment, as you can see, it only has some sort of tool down it! Oh well, it is all in the name of progress.

I don't know if I have ever told you but David and I have been together for 25 years and out of all that time I have lived in a finished house for 7 months - yes 7 months not years but months! This is the second house we have renovated and so far this project has taken 17 years. I really appreciate all the work David puts in and most of the time don't mind the mess and upheaval.

Other than that, Donna and I sat with the girls and made the hair clips I showed you yesterday - here is one modelled by one of my girls and they all looked so sweet with them in.

I had better get back to doing David's invoices now as he will be back soon and will wonder why they're not ready to send out to the customers.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I feel so much better today, I hope I have finally gotten on top of my cough.

2. Watching Murderland, once I have finished the invoices, is something I am really looking forward to.

3. I am truly blessed to have such a hard working husband who spends all his spare time rebuilding the cottage to make it a better place for me and Gracia.



Anonymous said...

wow, 7 months! That is very impressive that you have the patience to tolerate all that DIY!

April said...

congrats on surviving only 7 months of non-construction zone living! I don't think I could do it! :-) ~april

Debbie H said...

My husband is no DIYer, but 7 months!! I'd have to be killing him by now - you are a saint!!
I am joining you on Shimelles class - good luck!

Meg said...

Oh I love your page and your hairclips! And I'm very impressed that you have such a sense of humor about renovation. I always go into it with enthusiasm, but it dies out long before the project is done, LOL!

Elizabeth said...

I think our husbands must be related! We've lived in our home for 35 years and it still isn't finished! Our family room (still unfinished) is used for storage. Guess we must have a sense of humor about it!

I enjoyed your blog very much.

Mandymo said...

My hubby starts projects and never finishes them! He fitted a new kitchen last year but still hasn't done the plinths, tiling, new lights and sockets etc etc. Got to love them eh?! I'm loving your blog, those hairclips are so cute :-)!

kikimama said...

Hiya, Chrissy here from Shimelle's class. Love those hairclips!

Great page! Love the hairclips

Amy Pitts said...

I feel your pain. My dad is a contractor and we were always remodeing something when I was little.

Sian said...

That's a beautiful LO you posted. Oh, I know that DIY feeling..there's a lot of it round my way too!

Sharyn said...

Cool layout! Good luck with Shimelle's class :)

Tammy said...

Hi, I just started Shimelle's class today and as I was cruising through all the members I was struck by how fun you sound on this blog. I love your scrapbook pages and especially your sense of humor and positive attitude. See ya around.