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How thrilled and delighted am I? I really cannot put it into words. I have been chosen by the lovely and talented Shimelle to be one of her 'Baker's Dozen' 13 ladies hand picked to design with her digital kits. And wow what a talented bunch of ladies they are - pop along to their blogs and see what they have done with this fabulous kit. In truth, when I got the e-mail and saw how good the other ladies are, I seriously thought Shimelle had e-mailed me by mistake, this was reinforced when I realised that there are in fact 3 Karens on the team so she must have meant one of them! But no it was me she wanted and wow am I amazed!

As a starter we have each made a page using Shimelle's Long and Winding Road Kit and the FREE add on kit. Some pages are digi and some, like mine, are hybrid. This just goes to show how versatile the kits are. You can go totally digi as many of the ladies have (are you now standing back in awe at their talent?) or you can print out the elements, papers etc - cut them out and use them as you would paper scrapping supplies - hybrid scrapping. I have gone down this route as has the very talented Karen C.

As a thrifty scrapper I love the fact that for a very small payment I can get something that I can use time and time again, changing the colour and size as and when I wish - genius I would say, wouldn't you? For me hybrid scrapping is the way forward.

Go and look on their blogs at the other 'Baker's Dozen' pages - then after you have got your breath back from gasping in amazement maybe go and have a little peek at Shimelle's kits and maybe buy one - go on I know you want to really.

karen c.

For this post I have just one reason to be extremely cheerful:-

I am one of Shimelle's Baker's Dozen!



Nadine said...

I like the simple-ness of your
layout. and even though it looks
pretty easy to put together, it still
looks great! (:

I'm excited to be working with you
with the team ^^

Sheri Twing said...

Woo hoo! I'm so excited to be on the team with you! I love your hybrid layout! It looks so clean and yet full! I just might have to try that!

Cheri said...


Avital said...

Gorgeous layout, Karen. Beeeeeeeeeeeautifuuuuuuul! Glad to be your teammate.

Mel said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhh (screams of excitement for you). Wow, how exciting, congratulations!!!! Look forward to seeing what else you do and maybe just maybe you can help me with hybrid when I next see you!!! I'm so happy for you!!

inkyfingers said...

Wonderful hybrid layout, love it!
So happy to be working with you on such a great team :)

Rosemary said...

Congratulations to you and all the rest of the 'dozen'.

Scrapdolly said...

Love your hybrid work and thrilled to be on the team with you

Anonymous said...

i love the way you incorporated us into your side bar! wow! i feel special! lol. WTG!

Amy said...

Congratulations! How very exciting for you - will no doubt keep you busy while you are off your feet.
It will be great to see some pages on a design team from someone who like to journal a lot.

rani said...

yeah fellow baker!!!!

Congratulations! How very exciting!

humel said...

Congratulations! Love your page :-)

Elisa said...

The colours of layout popped at me straight away. Also love how you embellished over the pattern on the RHS, I really love you LO.

Coley said...

He Karen, Congratulations, you deserve to be on the team. I am really, hugely glad to be working with you again, and even more reason to meet up for that elusive piece of cake now! Karen c.

Tammy said...

Karen, Congratulations on making the Bakers Dozen! After seeing your layouts I'm not surprised that you have been chosen. Keep up the good work and know that you belong. There is something that you, and only you, can add to this group of designers.

Cyndi said...

I love the layout of your blog. It was very inspiring to read. Congrates on the "Bakers Dozen" I look forward to seeing more.

Congratulations Karen! Beautiful layout!