Taking stock and re-evaluating

16:58 Karen 11 Comments

This weekend had a some surprises in store for me - the main one being this:-

I knew I was going into hospital for a little op on my leg and had been told that this would be done by laser treatment and that I would be back at work on Wednesday! The consultant reconsidered once I arrived at the hospital and decided to do the procedure surgically resulting in a leg bandaged from thigh to ankle and two weeks off work.

After, one day I am sooooo bored. I have to have my leg elevated for two weeks and take two walks a day - ouch - today took me 3 times the normal time to hobble with the dog on our short circuit.

I am looking on the time off as a blessing as Shimelle's prompt for Blogging for Scrapbookers, today was to identify something you want to work towards and document it.

Well, I am determined, for several reasons, to get fit and to change my unhealthy lifestyle. My dear dad passed away suddenly last month and it made me realise that I am not immortal. I was an older mother when Gracia was born and I am determined to see her grow up and hopefully see her children grow up too. So what am I going to do about it? For a start I must loose some weight, I must walk more, I must stress less and I absolutely must enjoy and appreciate all the blessings that have been bestowed on me. So starting today:-

I promise myself to take more care of my health, to eat more sensibly and to take more exercise.

I don't know if I will achieve my goal but I have made the commitment to try.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have some very exciting news to share with you on Thursday!

2. 2 weeks at home should be viewed as an opportunity to get my life in better order.

3. My super duper girlie just phoned to say she achieved an excellent result in her Biology test - a child who works hard without being nagged is such a blessing xxx



Gennifer said...

Yikes! Two weeks, huh? That's an awful lot of time to fill up!

Good luck with your plans to get healthy! :)

Nadine said...

those are great goals (:
and that is a HUGE bandage >.<
may you have a speedy recovery! (:

Kim Winter said...

hope you heal quickly!!

Jane said...

Wishing your leg a fast and full recovery - and you all the best with your goals :)

So sorry about your leg! I wish you success in your goals and hope the next two weeks go by quickly (or not, as you wish).

Rosemary said...

Hope your leg is better soon, that big bandage will remind you to rest it though!

Rosemary form Shimelles class

Jen said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Christy said...

Good luck with your goals, and a speedy recovery!

Amy said...

Oh, Karen - what a shock to the system! Good luck with your recovery, you have set some great goals.

Mel said...

Get better soon, my friend. We will miss you this weekend. Good luck with the health goal....I need to join you on this.


Sian said...

Woa, that is some bandage! Hope you heal quickly..keep on blogging while you do!