Welcome to my world.

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Well, hello and welcome to my lovely home. Come right through to my kitchen, my favourite room in the house, sit yourself down and I will make you a cup of tea - would you like a piece of cake to go with that?

My kitchen and dining room are a real labour of love, hand crafted by David (know as 'The Perfectionist'). See these cupboards, the ones with the piles of ironing on that is waiting to be ironed, he made those - not just from planks of wood but from Canadian Redwood Trees that be bought from a local estate. They were ones that had blown down in the big storm of 1987. He had them made into planks and then he made the cupboards from them - aren't they a gorgeous colour.

All the beams in the new part of the cottage are made from Oak trees that also blew down in the same storm.

I see you're looking at my Aga (ops sorry I still have the underwear hanging up waiting to dry)! That has a story to tell too. We bought it second hand from a local manor house when they bought a new oil fired one. It is coal powered and keeps the kitchen, and our bedroom above, toasty warm in the winter. See that beam above the Aga - well, David found that in a skip, pulled it out, cleaned it up and had it put in above the fire place when we had the chimney for the new part of the house built.

I am glad you noticed my kitchen floor - another thing about the kitchen I love. When we first ordered the flooring we had two Golden Retrievers and so the obvious choice for the main colour was 'muddy paw print brown'. We designed the pattern and had it made to measure - the lino is just so easy to mop clean.

The wall tiles are 8 different colours and handmade - they have such a gorgeous sheen to them. David painted the walls the exact orange of the orange tiles and this makes the kitchen always look bright and sunny.

Have you noticed the lights? They are in fact Victorian gas lights that have been converted to electricity. So in keeping with the rest of the house.

This is perhaps one of my favourite pieces of art in our whole house and has hung in the dining room for the last 8 years. It was made by Gracia when she went to a nature reserve craft day with her now best friend, it was one of the first times they had been out together. I love it and she insists that it depicts a rabbit jumping from one hole to another - I am sure you can see what she means.

My dining room is the room which has many of my favourite things in - photographs on the Welsh Dresser,

Pre-Raphalite prints

and my shelf of red and gold nic-naks.

That curved door to the pantry was another of David's finds. He bought the door and then made a curved cupboard to fit it.

I love looking out of my french windows at the garden outside and

I'm glad I had the chance to show you some of David's hard work. We have lived here for 16 years and he has spent almost every weekend building the new half of the cottage and renovating the old part. He is such a good man.
Oh, you've finished your tea - would you like another? Ok if you have to get on but thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again soon. I will just see you out and then I had better make a start on the ironing.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. This blog post has made me appreciate how lucky I am, both with my man and my house.

2. Gracia got 93% in her Chemistry test this week.

3. A whole weeks ASDA shop done and put away this evening - what a relief that I don't have that to do at the weekend.


Amy said...

Karen, could you please send your hubby over to Australia as we are about to embark on a big renovation and I really want those cabinets! WOW - what fabulous craftmanship. I think your tiles or something similar may also make it to my kitchen ....thanks for sharing these photos.

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Sorry, made mistake on my first post..Hello from class, lovely posts,I love the way you have written them - you made me very welcome!:-)

Your kitchen is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely home, you have a very alented hubby!! Love how you told your story

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me into your home! It is a real labour of love!

Anonymous said...

When David is done in Australia you can send him over to Norway!
The cabinets and your kitchen is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Almost felt I was having tea with you.

Tammy said...

Beautiful home!

DragonsLady said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Your DH is quite a talented man and you're very lucky.

Anonymous said...

your home looks so loevley and well homely thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tea and cake, and for the invitation into your lovely home.

I loved being shown round your favourite parts of your kitchen and dining room. Everything is beautiful, and I love your style of writing :-)

scrpbkr said...

Thanks for making me feel so welcome to your blog. You have a beautiful cottage and what a talented husband. Love your style of writing.

Christy said...

I agree with all the other comments. You have a beautiful home - thanks for sharing!
Stopping by from Shimelle's.
Have a great day!

Tracy said...

I just love that kitchen gorgeous!

Tammy said...

Karen, thank you for the invitation and refreshments. I had a lovely visit and love your beautiful cottage that was literally built with love. You are so sweet and your husband is so talented I'm sure that you make a great team. I loved the tour and will visit again.

Mel said...

Gorgeous Karen, beautiful and cosy. I could settle down in your kitchen for a very long time!

What a lovely home. Thank you for the tour! My parents built a log cabin that I grew up in, and your house reminds me so much of it! Thank you for the compliments on my blog, too.