When the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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You may think that just popping round to your best bud's house for a cup of tea would be quite an ordinary experience but no - today was one of those extraordinarily fabulous times when we were both on the same wavelength, both fairly chilled and neither of us had anything to moan about. Yes I do moan sometimes but only to my friends and I try to keep it to a minimum.

We spent a fabulous 90 minutes, most of them in fits of giggles. So what exactly did we find so funny. One thing, that always makes me snort with laughter is - earigami. You may not be familiar with this ancient art but it is just soooo funny. Eileen has two rescue greyhounds, Charile and Missie, well Missie is such an old softie that she allowes me to fold her ears so that they double back on themselves and lay over the top of her head. It is such a funny sight that even thinking about doing it is making me giggle while sitting typing this! Charlie has his own special talent of holding his ears at such an angle that they look like Dobbie's ears from Harry Potter - equally as funny in my opinion. We named this art earigami - the ancient art of ear folding!

We ate gingerbread men (a bargain from the local news agents down to 50p for 6) drank tea and put the world to rights.

But the thing that made us double up with laughter was when Eileen said she had seen my new 'hole' on my blog and asked for an explanation.

I described it to her in detail and she said not to fall down it because I would have trouble getting out of it. This was a reference to my lack of height - I am just a smidge under 5 foot tall! She then started to laugh rather loudly before saying that it wouldn't matter if I did fall down the hole as my ample bosom would save me from hitting the bottom! She said I would be left suspended by my boobs with my legs dangling down the hole. So not only did she remind me that I have a lack of height but also that I am very top heavy. Do I mind - No not in the slightest as that is what friendship is all about - laughing at yourself, laughing at each other and laughing with each other. I am so grateful to have such a funny friend! (Waves to Eileen when you read this and just to remind you - there will be payback for this)!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The girls are fed, the lounge is hoovered, David is going out and I am chilling and maybe doing a little light scrapping if that's what takes my fancy.

2. Friends are more valuable than all the wealth in the world.

3. That after telling David the 'hole and boob' story he said "Well the truth always hurts, I suppose" - love that we can share a joke with each other, even it it is usually at my expense.



Tammy said...

Too, too funny!!! Thanks for the laughs. :o)

Elizabeth said...

I am just 5 feet tall and top heavy. Know exactly how you feel!

debs14 said...

Isn't it great when something just makes you giggle until you can't stop? And then afterwards it will suddenly cross your mind again and you start laughing for no apparent reason?! Times like this are precious, so pleased you had a good day!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a delightful time! Wish I could have been there! I like to attempt to play earagami with my ladies ears, but they usually just fall back into place.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic post isn't it fab sharing an hour with friends i am meeting a couple that I used to work with tomoroow and haven't got together with propery since I left:)

Eileen said...

It's official I worried. Thinking about it, you'll have to be nice to me next week but the week after I'm gonna watch out for.
Reading your post had me in stitches all over again.
We have to take photos of the ears and scrap them of course.

It's so nice to have friends you can sit back and enjoy yourself with

Linda said...

Wow, you've got a great blog and your layouts are just awesome. Love your style!
Thanks for sharing!

Tiffani K said...

Funny story....you should have taken a picture of the earigami!Great post

Eileen said...

Forgot to say, you need a new photo of me that one is soooooooo last month!!!!!!

Lizzie said...

So funny! Cool post, thanks for sharing.