A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Restaurant!

17:57 Karen 3 Comments

What a funny day, in a strange sort of way, yesterday was. It all started with getting up to discover that there had been 5 inches of snow in the night and that we only had half power on our electricity - I never knew that could happen I thought you either had electricity or a power cut. There was not enough power for the boiler to ignite - no heating or hot water, not enough power for the radio to work, not enough power for the computer to turn on but luckily enough power for the lights to work dimly!

School was cancelled but the meal at the restaurant, later in the evening, was due to go ahead. Gracia and I decided to walk into town through the woods - what an absolutely fabulous site they were.

She said "When did we walk through the wardrobe into Narnia?" and it really did look like we had. I can't remember ever seeing the trees and fields looking so magically white.

After returning from shopping it was time to get ready to go out for the meal - well what a funny old do that was! I couldn't have a bath because the boiler wasn't working, couldn't have a shower because it is an electric power shower an that wouldn't work so decided to boil the kettle and have a good wash and wash my hair in the bathroom sink. I checked my hair dryer would work first though! As soon as I had poured a jug of water over my hair the power completely failed - leaving me in the dark with dripping wet hair. David had to come to the rescue with a torch while I tried drying it over the AGA hotplate. He did say he was trying to think of something that would dry my hair but that wouldn't require electricity - funnily enough I declined the offer of him drying my hair with the blow torch on the basis that going out with wet hair was better than going out without any hair at all! So to end this story I had to phone the person I was giving a lift to the restaurant to and say we had to leave early as I had to sort out my hair and put on my make up once we got there. He only lives a couple of hundred mtrs away but he had electricity!

When I go up this morning the electricity had been restored and I was greeted with this beautiful set of icicles hanging from a pipe in the garden.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The snowy walk was really brilliant - good company, beautiful scenery and fabulous photo opportunities.

2. The meal was fabulous and we chatted and danced until way too late for a woman of my age.

3. I laugh in the face of adversity!



What a great picture of you and your daughter! Congrats on surviving your little adventure! :o)

Amy said...

We have to find ways to be resourceful sometimes! The blow torch did sound a bit extreme though;-)

Elaine said...

What a lovely photo of you and Gracia. I love the pics of the trees too - do i see a "narnia" related page coming along?