Happy Days

07:15 Karen 1 Comments

I am really enjoying making the pages for my Journal Your Christmas book and have managed to keep up so far - I am determined not to give myself too much grief if, or should I say when, I fall behind.

I was up to a very silly time getting things ready for a craft fair I am at on Saturday, my first and I hope I have pitched my goods and prices right. To say I am a bit nervous about it would be an understatement.

The Christmas fairy keeps forgetting to come and put things in Gracia's Advent Calendar and then has to put extra things in to make up for it. The Christmas fairies have always come to our house to leave little gifts on the days running up to Christmas. In fact we used to have 'fairies' in the garden, who with the Christmas Fairies, would leave Gracia little notes and letters telling her about their day to day lives and asking her questions which required letters from her in response - a great way to get a reluctant writer to start writing. I still have some of the letters and her replies in my 'special box'.

My pages 2 and 3 from Journal Your Christmas.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am going to watch the KS1 nativity play today and those 4, 5 and 6 year olds are just so cute.

2. Someone invented Red Bull - a staple in my lunch box this time of year!

3. Out to lunch - you may say that I am out to lunch most of the time (note: - 'out to lunch' is a phrase to describe someone who is crazy), with a girlfriend today, last time we went for lunch we were still there over 4 hours later!



Amy said...

Karen, the tree on the bottom page is fantastic - is it a pre made die-cut or did use use a cutting machine? Very effective :-)