It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

16:13 Karen 2 Comments

Christmas is beginning to slowly infiltrate me (sorry that sounds a bit rude) and work its magic. I was privileged enough to watch the KS1 Nativity play again, this afternoon, and am amazed at how those little snips of people have learnt so many lines and songs. It was word perfect and the behaviour was exemplary. So a great big WELL DONE to all those little stars.

Also I have managed to complete my pages for days 7 and 8 of my Christmas journal. As I have now done so many pages without photos I feel that the whole journal will have to be photoless and am treating it as a fancy diary type project for the month! Making the decision to eliminate photos from the project has made it so much easier and I now think that it is achievable.

Very fuzzy photos as evidence for the things mentioned on my page 8 (there was virtually no natural light when I left for work this morning and even less when I got home this evening):-

Decorated Acro Jack disappearing through the hole in the ceiling!

Beam with decorations - I love that mirror ball so much.

Snow scene, complete with skating couple.

Advent calendar, with pockets filled so the Christmas fairies don't forget again.

Little drummer boy, who has hung from our front door frame for the past two years.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have finally gotten around to sorting out my Christmas present list.

2. It hasn't rained today - a rarity over the past few months.

3. Out with David tonight to see Gracia's show and I am going to suggest we have 'chip shop chips' and egg for tea on our return - yum!



Amy said...

Karen, I'm going to have to get some renovation survival tips from you - we are going to embark on a big job here later next year - we've been putting it off for about three years and now we just HAVE to get going.
I like these photoless pages - they are equally as interesting and you alsways use interesting techniques.

Mel said...

Looking Good!!!!