Ladies That Lunch

19:23 Karen 2 Comments

Hoooooraaaaaaay - I have finally finished the year end accounts! It has taken me quite a while over the past week and now I feel that I can reward myself with a little scrapping (or maybe a lot - I will just have to see how I feel). I am feeling quite giddy with the relief of getting it done.

Today, I had two of my friends over for lunch, Eileen an old friend (not in years as she is much younger than me) and Karen who is quite a new friend but both very good company and I am very fond of both of them. I made this for lunch

mmmmmmm delicious sundried tomato and smoked cheese flan.

We spent several hours chatting and putting the world to rights and finalising a little plan we have for the new year.

Karen also talked about digi scrapping - something I have been thinking about but a little too daunted to try. After listening to her I decided to have a go and am really pleased with the results. A lo which only took about 45minutes to complete - a first for me as my pages usually take ages because I 'faff' about so much. I used this template as the basis of my lo.

I am going now as I am doing the soup run today (sandwiches and hot drinks for the local homeless). I am quite excited about it as I have never done it on New Year's Eve before and am looking forward to seeing all the people in town dressed up for parties and clubbing.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A good lunch with good friends gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

2. Doing the soup run makes you grateful for having a home, no matter how rough it is sometimes, at least I only have to stand in the cold, rain or snow for an hour - those poor folks have to sleep out in it.

3. This reason I am especially pleased about - I am one of the runner's up in the Scrapbooker of the Year competition in The Scrapbook Magazine.

Have a very happy and safe new yearxxx



Amy said...

Kare the digi LO is FABULOUS! You'll be hooked in no time - if for nothing else other than it is so quick.
Congratulations on your news and Happy New Year to you and the family.

Coley said...

Yeah for the digi layout revolution.

Thank you for lunch, it was heavenly. A very nice way to spend the day xx