Making and Baking

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What a busy weekend I have had, but a very productive one.

On Friday, I endured a 4 hour Christmas shop around our local town and managed to get all but 2 presents (not including the ones for David and Gracia - I haven't even given that a thought yet). I am really pleased with my purchases as I took great care in choosing things I thought people would really like - I hope they do.

On Saturday I went to our local crop and had such a lovely relaxing time. I managed to finish one page and get another one started. When I got home Gracia had her b/f round so I was justified in spending the evening in the dining room, well it would be rude to sit in the lounge and play gooseberry wouldn't it? So while I was in the dining room I finished the page I had started and made 3 pages for my JYC album. I am putting off the one for yesterday as I want to journal about how Christmas will be so different this year without dad but need to have time to compose myself properly before I do.

Another hybrid page - I am so loving doing hybrid, I really enjoy the mix of digi and touchie feelie scraping. I find the cutting out of the elements really relaxing. For this page I used this kit and this kit for the digi elements.

Don't you just love those felt flowers? BOGOF at Tesco and so two packs were only £2.20 - what a bargin! These photos are from the pieces Gracia was in on Wednesday at College. I used a Pencil Lines sketch as the inspiration. The digi kits I used are this one and this one.

JYC pages

Today, I was taking the pre preschoolers for Sunday School and we were learning about the Christmas story. They were so funny - we had to have a discussion about Christmas trees, Disneyland Paris and what they had for breakfast today before they were prepared to get onto the story! This is one of my favourite stories to teach them as they always love it and usually can remember it from their playschool nativity. We usually do some cooking with them as 1hour 15 minutes is a long time to find things for them to do. So today we made sheep cupcakes to remind them of the Shepherds visiting Baby Jesus (well that was my excuse and I am sticking to it). I just like to find any excuse to cook with them as they enjoy it so much.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have almost finished my 'other people' Christmas shopping.

2. I have finished my cards that have to be posted and will write them tonight while I am watching the X Factor final.

3. Just thinking about the fun times I had yesterday with the girls is making me smile. a big THANK YOU to all of you.



Eileen said...

Loving your JYC pages.
Are we going to see the lights this Christmas?

Amy said...

What a great post full of crafty goodness! I love your little sheep :-)

Coley said...

Sheep cupcakes are cute and I love your JYC pages x