Ops I Did It Again!

07:16 Karen 4 Comments

In the chaos that I call normal life I have yet again lost another week somewhere - if you see it please tell it to come back home as at this time of year it will be welcomed back with open arms! I always intend to blog more regularly and now the discipline of Shimelle's class has gone I have failed yet again :)

So amongst all the mania that is Christmas I signed up to do Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class. On Sunday I was asking myself why when I looked at my diary and realised how much I have committed to over the next few weeks. I haven't bought one Christmas present, written a single card or even thought about Christmas preparations so why did I sign up for this madness?

Yesterday when I made my first page I knew exactly why - making a little something each day will be an oasis of calm in a month of madness. I am just so glad I made the decision to carry on. So here is my first page and the front cover of my album. It is 7 x 5 which is a good size to put a photo on if I want (not sure if I am going to include photos) but small enough not to be too daunting. I admire the ladies who are doing 37 12 x 12 pages this year! I have called my album 'Christmas Wishes' because that is exactly what it is going to be.

5 Random Facts About Me
(for the Putting Smiles On Faces Award)

1. I used to be a Morris Dancer
2. My absolutely favourite sandwich is Cheese and Marmalade.
3. I am convinced I am a child trapped in an adults body - that would explain so much!
4. I get up at 6.00am every day - even at weekends (and this is out of choice)!
5. I used to be an underwear designer making and selling my own range of silk undies!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have made the decision to cancel 2 events I had committed to and now feel much better, having freed up a couple of Saturday afternoons.

2. At school, you now have to wade through a sea of glitter, tinsel and sequins - I love it as the children are getting so excited.

3. Egg on toast of breakfast - what a fantastic start to the day.

Hope you have a lovely day.



Amy said...

Karen, I love your attention to detail in your lovely pages - BUT I cannot get a grip on the liking of cheese and marmalade .... really?

Mel said...

love your album. Morris dancer???!!! Why do I have no problems picturing that?!

Good job! Making something every day really does help keep one sane.

Oh I need to do this next year! What a lovely album!!