Playing 'Catch Up' With A Little Success

16:26 Karen 2 Comments

After a very busy few days I am beginning to get my Christmas in order. Yesterday David and Gracia put up the decorations, I have made some of my Christmas cards and have even bought my first Christmas present.

Also, I am catching up with my entries for my Journal Your Christmas album. Yesterday, I managed to get my page for the 6th finished, today I hope to get my 7th and 8th completed and some more cards made. I am still not getting the 'Christmas' buzz yet but live in hope that it will burst upon me sometime soon!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Science day at school - going on an imaginary expedition to Antarctica - was very informative and exciting for both me and the children.

2. Paying a surprise visit to David after work today made my afternoon - boy do I love that man!

3. I am so looking forward to Gracia's piece in the 6th Form College show tomorrow.



Mel said...

really loving your pages. Hope the Christmas Fairy gets it together for Gracia.

Amy said...

Those pages are coming together really well! How are you doing your titles?