Baby It's Cold Outside!

19:44 Karen 1 Comments

It is really cold outside today and it is quite cold inside too. As my pc is in the lounge and as the lounge doesn't have proper walls, has a huge piece missing from the ceiling and doesn't have any central heating, I was struggling to keep it at 5 degrees today and boy is it cold! Never mind I took Kiera for a very brisk walk to warm up and it was very frosty and crunchy underfoot.

Yesterday, David and I went for a long walk - well when you go walking with David it is more of a yomp as he really walks at a cracking pace and it is all I can do to keep up. Good for fitness but my legs really ached this morning. Even though it was literally freezing outside Kiera still went for a swim in the river.

I can only assume that either she has no sense of feeling or that the joy of swimming is greater than the pain of being cold and wet.

The next batch of finished JYC pages - hooray I am now up to Christmas Day and will try to get a couple more done tonight. I have a crop to go to next Saturday and another one the following Saturday so I am not stressing anymore as I have decided that as long as it is finished by the end of January then I will be delighted.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. No matter how cold it is in the lounge it is always cosy and warm in the kitchen.

2. Accounts delivered to the Accountant today :)

3. I am going to do 30mins on the Wii fit to warm up and hopefully tone up in the process.


Amy said...

I don't think it is for us to ever understand dogs!