Card Making - Surely Not Me!

20:27 Karen 3 Comments

I don't have any excuse for not blogging over the last two weeks only that I just didn't feel like it! But I have made a couple of little things and for the first time ever made a digi page that I much prefer to my paper page! Help - I am beginning to fully embrace the love of digi scrapping.

I am in the process of changing computers (a long and tedious job as I am having to transfer everything from the old to the new) and have decided to purge my photos at the same time. I found this, long forgotten, photo and remembered the quote so it seemed that fate was telling me to scrap - I always listen to fate. I first used a template from 2Peas and scrapped it digitally and loved the result.

I then, as always, decided to make it in paper, using papers that were as close as the digi ones asI had in my stash. Although, I liked the paper version I much preferred the digi one! Am I becoming a proper digi scrapper and fully embracing the digi side of my personality? This afternoon I made a couple of cards - I do not profess to being a card maker as I make so few - maybe only 3 or 4 a year, other than Christmas ones. I felt the need to make something so decided to make a couple of hybrid cards. For the birthday card I used a digi template and scaled it down to A5 size then used digi papers. I downloaded an illustration from the wonderfully talented SJ (go over and look at her blog - she is so clever, I might even invest in one of her gorgeous illustrations as an anniversary present for David). The Valentine's day card for David was made using Can't Buy Me Love kit from 2Peas and another cute illustration from SJ.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am typing this on my now laptop as I watch Mo on tv. I love Julie Walters, a brilliant and sensitive actress.

2. I had spent 2 hours asleep in bed this afternoon and boy do I feel good after it.

3. My best bud has returned from the US - safe and sound I hope.



Coley said...

Karen your cards are divine and SJ's designs are sooo cute.

I love that digi version more sothan the paper too I think you need to do both you know!

Amy said...

It is so easy to become hooked on digi - a bit of both is the ticket for me :-)

scrappyfairy said...

awwwwwwww beautiful work!!!!! I loved seeing my freebies on your blog!