Long Time No See

20:04 Karen 2 Comments

Hey - I'm really sorry that I had to cancel your invitation over to mine last week to see my new bathroom. I have had so much to do and as always not enough time but I will try to rearrange it soon.

This very quick post is to show you what I did this evening - Whooo hooo I have made a proper digi page. It was all down to this template and this tutorial. Gosh Shimelle is just the business when it comes to explaining how to do things. In no time I was whizzing away doing stuff I didn't know was possible. Although I am so pleased with this page or maybe because I am so pleased with this page I am going to make a 'proper' paper version of it on Saturday - see I am not a fully committed digi scrapper yet!

Gracia and her boyfriend get up to such silly antics - like dressing up as an elf and a reindeer! When these type of photos fall into my hands - what am I do - I just have to scrap them!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I can do proper digi scrapping.

2. I have had such a fun and happy day at work.

3. In times of upset, David is my rock, my salvation and my voice of reason.



Heather said...

super duper digi!! well done ..... but I still dont want to do digi myself xx

MagicLady said...

Love the layout - and what a great photo. Careful, I've discovered digi can be VERY addictive :)

Babs x (Blogging for Scrapbookers)