So Far Behind

09:30 Karen 3 Comments

I am just so far behind with my JYC it is unbelievable. I really am amazed that I cannot find the time to do a page a day BUT I have discovered that it is impossible for me to make a page in 15/30 minutes, even though I am not putting any photographs in my album. I tend to faff about and take ages because everything has to be 'just so'. Maybe one of my aims this year should be to just 'slap it on' and be happy with the result. Who else takes 45 minutes to make a page that is 7in x 5in, that has a 5 x 4 journalling block? With so little space to fill I can only assume that it is my indecision's about what to fill the minimal space available with. I am only up to day 20 but will endeavour to catch up as much as possible this weekend.

In all honesty my stumbling block was writing about Christmas this year and having to come to terms with it being the first one without Dad. So instead of skipping that page I put it off and put it off.

On a happier note, here are the recent ones I haven't posted on the forum and looking on the positive side I am pleased with how they turned out and with my decision not to use photographs. It is more like a diary than a scrap album (I will make one with photographs next year) - I must be feeling good about it if I am contemplating next year's JYC when I haven't finished this year's one yet.

Also I made this page yesterday - it is a hybrid version of the digi one I made on Thursday. I also made another digi page and am getting quite hooked in this style of scrapping - it will never replace paper scrapping but love that speed which results can be achieved - well in my case it still took a couple of hours before the page was to my liking but on the plus side if I had been paper scrapping it would have taken much longer. I must stop paper shuffling so much - all the time. I am thinking of doing Scrapdolly's 52 in 10 project and if I do it digitally then I can complete it and also hone my digi skills! I can't believe I just made that decision on top of all the other stuff I have yet to do - but heyho 'The devil makes work for idle hands'!

Have a lovely weekend and drop by next week as I am planning another get together - this time to show off my beautiful bathroom. There may be wine and nibbles on offer!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have made a decision to do something that if it all works out will radical change our lives - for the better I hope.

2. As I look out of my window the sun is shining and making the snow sparkle like a million diamonds - nature is just so beautiful.

3. I AM going to get on and do several pages of my JYC today!



Coley said...

Your pages so far look great. Just do what you want to do.

I am intrigued by the decision too!

Deb said...

Your pages look awesome and if it's any consolation to you, I haven't completed my December Daily either. :o\ I'm the same as you - take too much time making each page JUST the way I want it.

Love the digi page you did with your daughter's self-portraits! I'm inspired to do the same with my daughter's self-shots.

Amy said...

Great page Karen - my JYC isn't finished either .... not to worry - at least some parts of December have been recorded!