Busy, Busy, Busy

14:14 Karen 4 Comments

Well I can almost put the accounts to bed and this time it has been surprisingly easy - reconciled further along that I had thought and also invoices printed out up to November - another thing I had forgotten.

The preparations for the new crop are coming along surprisingly well and everyone we have spoken to has been so supportive. We now have enough people to pay for the hall rent so any extras will be a bonus and add a little money to the pot for the surprises we have planned for later in the year!

I was due to go over to my best buds for a little light scrapping today but she has impending deadlines to meet so I just went over for a cup of tea and to blag a piece of Kraft cardstock. I went to Dunelm Mill to choose a piece of Swiss Dot Bazzill to exchange for the Kraft and found the most gorgeous red piece and as red is her fav colour it just had to be purchased.

Today I made a digi lo - for my own pleasure and not a design team piece - I am now seriously worried as I am choosing to digi scrap over paper scrapping at the moment but I have a little hybrid project to get done this afternoon so will get down and dirty with that.
On reflection I have to say that most of the elements used in this lo would lend themselves so well to hybrid scrapping that I may have to do an alternative one in paper :)
Reasons to be cheerful:-
1. Having a friend who will give you her last piece of Kraft.
2. An afternoon of scrapping and listening to my iPod is ahead of me.
3. Even though it is absolutely pelting down with rain I am still looking forward to walking the dog - I sometimes fear for my sanity!
Have a lovely rest of the day xxx



Oh Happy Day!

22:40 Karen 2 Comments

A quick post without any photos - how out of character :)

What a fabulous day I have had, in many ways. I will let you into a little secret - it's my wedding anniversary (24 wonderful years with a fantastic man) and also it's my birthday! Yes I got married on my birthday - my dad said I would do anything just to get a birthday party out of him! When we married it was a lovely snowy day and even now just thinking about it brings a huge smile to my face. I am sure that the majority of people at our wedding didn't give it a chance of longevity but so far we have proved them wrong.

I have spent most of the day working on Davids accounts but have been so spoilt with loads of presents, cards and good wishes that I haven't really minded.

I have also been doing some admin for the new crop - go over and have a look at our blog. Karen C has worked really hard on this and it looks fantastic.

Apologies for not doing the show and tell with the cupcake cases - maybe tomorrow or later on on the week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's my birthday and wow have I been spoilt.

2. I have been with my man for 26 years and he still surprises me on a daily basis, I am so lucky to be able to share my life with him.

3. The accounts have not proven to be as onerous as I had feared - I had forgotten that I had reconciled the banking all but the last 4 months of the year - faaaaaaaaaabulous!



The Big Reveal

00:34 Karen 1 Comments

Well, it's time to reveal exactly what I have been so excited about all week. My good friend Karen Cole and I are starting up a craft group in Colchester. Although, I go to a crop in Colchester, in fact I was there today but more of that later, we have decided to join forces and start one of our own. We are hoping that it will attract all sorts of crafters, including scrapbookers and cardmakers of course! The first one will be on March 6th, at Mark's Tey Village Hall, from 10.am until 6.pm and will run monthly thereafter.

I am excited and nervous at the same time. So if you are interested in coming I will post about how you can book a place later in the week.

Back to what I have been doing today - I went to the crop run by the Lovely Mel, Elaine and Sue were there too (Hi Girls xxx) and I got to cuddle the gorgeous Emily. But I am going off subject once again (the price you have to pay for my butterfly mind).

I made two pages - the first was a hybrid using a kit by Dawn Inksip and I printed out the components onto white card and coloured them in with watercolour pencils.

The second one was a bit of an experiment as when I went shopping in Sainsburys yesterday I came across some lovely coloured cupcake cases. Now I love all things cupcake and as I am due for a mega cupcake bake soon decided to buy them but as soon as I had put them in my basket I knew they were destined to find their way onto a page! I made the flowers on this page with some green and yellow ones.

The colour in the photos is pants - the background is in fact chocolate brown and the green is a really vibrant green. I will try to get better photos tomorrow. If I have time tomorrow I will do a little tutorial about how to make the flowers.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Our crop is coming to fruition after months of planning.

2. A lovely day spent with lovely company.

3. An fabulous evening with David, Gracia and her boyfriend.

Written on the 13th and posted on the 14th!



A Little Show and Tell

07:14 Karen 2 Comments

A quick little show and tell from Sunday.

I made this, while sitting at my dining room table, in my lovely warm kitchen. Yes I love my new laptop because I never have to go into the unheated part of the house to surf the net or digi scrap unless I want to do so whilst watching t.v.

Our little family is a bit of an oddity as we only have 1 t.v. in the house and that one is only16 inches wide - tiny compared to the 48 inch ones some people have. In fact my laptop screen is larger than the t.v. screen! When Gracia was little we only used to put it on for an hour of children's t.v. and then turn it off again until she had gone to bed. She was quite old before she realised that it worked for more than an hour a day :)

Sorry, I digress, this is a digi lo I made and I am going to print it out 6 x 6 and make it into an Anniversary card for my darling David - we will have been married for 24 years on Monday.

Also I have some exciting news to share at the end of the week - so exciting I don't know if I will be able to hold it in, although when I tell you, you will say "That's not as exciting as you made out!" but to me it is and quite frankly that's all that matters ;)

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Only 4 more sleeps until I'm cropping with the girls.

2. Gracia is up and about much earlier than usual so there is a vague chance we may get out on time withhout an argument and still speaking to each other by the time I drop her off at the bus stop.

3. I have a really good giggly feeling inside today - maybe because I saw Annie on Sunday and Rosemarie sent me a really nice e-mail yesterday. I am really blessed with my friends both old and new - Thank you girls you are all special to me in your own ways (I am going now as I sound like some old mother hen).



Fully Loaded!

15:44 Karen 4 Comments

Fully loaded on many levels is what I am at the moment. Very busy at home and with the various other commitments I have on a weekly basis but chose to do as I enjoy them.

Fully loaded with new stash as my runner's up prize for Scrapbooker of the Year arrived on Thursday and it has so many gorgeous items in it. Loads of American Crafts papers, Thickers, adhesives, blocks of Dovecraft papers, which are surprisingly lush, and many, many other things. I also had a note saying that a daylight lamp will be arriving under separate cover - no excuse for dodgy colour combination anymore!

A mini-book which is fully loaded.

I started a mini-book several weeks ago to illustrate why I scrapbook. Shimelle posted the prompt here. I made a blog entry as to why and then decided to make a mini book. I used a Cosmo Cricket chipboard book and some Cosmo papers which my sister had given me for Christmas - a huge hoard of Cosmo stash which is absolutely gorgeous and two 8 x 8 albums. That was as far as I got because I was stumped by what photos to use or whether I should take new ones. The problem being the light which has been pants this past couple of weeks. I then had an Eureka moment and decided to use photos of my pages to illustrate the book - no faffing about taking new photos just choosing some of my favorite los to print.

I decided to only use felt, buttons, bling and a little bit of card to pretty up the pages and in the process have used up almost my entire stash of felt flowers and butterflies. I have absolutely loaded the edges of the pages and it is now a very chunky book but I am pleased with the result.

I can see I will have to get my trusty Zig pen out for those naughty little Cosmo alphas on the back cover - can you see them trying to escape?

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Tesco shop done!

2. A couple of hours to myself this afternoon.

3. Seeing one of my best friends this afternoon, although I don't see her as often as I would like we always pick up where we have left off and it is as though we had seen each other yesterday.