A Little Show and Tell

07:14 Karen 2 Comments

A quick little show and tell from Sunday.

I made this, while sitting at my dining room table, in my lovely warm kitchen. Yes I love my new laptop because I never have to go into the unheated part of the house to surf the net or digi scrap unless I want to do so whilst watching t.v.

Our little family is a bit of an oddity as we only have 1 t.v. in the house and that one is only16 inches wide - tiny compared to the 48 inch ones some people have. In fact my laptop screen is larger than the t.v. screen! When Gracia was little we only used to put it on for an hour of children's t.v. and then turn it off again until she had gone to bed. She was quite old before she realised that it worked for more than an hour a day :)

Sorry, I digress, this is a digi lo I made and I am going to print it out 6 x 6 and make it into an Anniversary card for my darling David - we will have been married for 24 years on Monday.

Also I have some exciting news to share at the end of the week - so exciting I don't know if I will be able to hold it in, although when I tell you, you will say "That's not as exciting as you made out!" but to me it is and quite frankly that's all that matters ;)

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Only 4 more sleeps until I'm cropping with the girls.

2. Gracia is up and about much earlier than usual so there is a vague chance we may get out on time withhout an argument and still speaking to each other by the time I drop her off at the bus stop.

3. I have a really good giggly feeling inside today - maybe because I saw Annie on Sunday and Rosemarie sent me a really nice e-mail yesterday. I am really blessed with my friends both old and new - Thank you girls you are all special to me in your own ways (I am going now as I sound like some old mother hen).



Deb said...

Love, love, LOVE the layout you did here. And such a great idea to print it as a 6x6 to use as a card. I'm sure your hubby will enjoy it.

I think it's great that you have one small TV in your house. I think your daughter is lucky to have grown up in a house with limited TV!

Have yourself a great day! xo

Liberty :) said...

ooh i got here via Sian's blog..and I find its one of my co-cupcakes from the baker's dozen! how come i havent been here before?! still love this layout :)