Almost caught up!

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Well, I have almost caught up with my pages for this class. I really appreciate that the prompts are only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with optional extras at the weekend!

Monday's prompt was to use a page protector. I used mine like an acetate page but am not entirely sure I like it but it is done and I am still going to put it in my Celebrate Life album. This page celebrates the beautiful area we live in.

Wednesday's prompt was to use stickers. I cannot believe how quickly this page went together. I pulled out loads of stickers, last night, in preparation for this page but only used 3 different makes of stickers. It almost fell together and was done, including the doodling, in an hour - wow that's speed scrapping for me! A page to celebrate the long and enduring friendship Gracia has with her best friend.

Finally, another digi page using kits from here for this challenge. I am absolutely loving the scrap lifts posted for the Lift This blog.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I am so lucky to have the husband and daughter I have, who after a very difficult couple of days at work make me realize that work is only a small part of my life and when it gets difficult there is always my lovely home and family to go back to.

2. We are so lucky to live where we live as the surrounding countryside is beautiful whatever the time of year and whatever the weather.

3. It is almost the Easter Holidays (3 and a half more working days and counting)!



Hiperty Hopping along on the Baker's Dozen blog hop!

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Well, thank you for hopping over to my blog and joining in our little blog hop.

How much luckier can a girl than to play with Shimelle loveliness every month? The two new kits we have all chosen to use are just so gorgeous. I love the photostrips, such a fun way to show off you photos.

The colours of the Springtime Basics papers is simply stunning. I love turquoise and pink combos and this kit really does it for me. Both kits are available from here

I have made two pages for the blog hop - the first is my all time favorite digi page ever, it is for this challenge and the kit colours were perfect.

The second is just a fun page that I have been thinking about for a while as I am always being asked "What on earth have you got in your bag?" when some unsuspecting person picks it up and realises how heavy it is. The things photographed are only a fraction of what is in it!

Ok, it is time to move on to have a look at SJ's blog - I promise you, you wont be disappointed as she is an awesomely talented artist and scrapper.

Thank you for hopping by and I hope to see you again soon. Oh and if you get lost along the way just click on one of the lovely ladies from the Baker's Dozen list at the top of my blog to find one you haven't visited yet.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am lucky enough to work alongside such awesome talent - Shimelle and her Baker's Dozen.

2. The kits I get to play with are always amazing and never disappoint.

3. I am so glad I have stopped fighting it and fully embraced digi scrapping - I still love paper scrapping but for ease and lack of mess, you can't beat digi.



Splendid Treasures

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Oh how I love to get up early on a Sunday and to do my own thing, be it read, have a bath or as I did today scrap. I made a digi page for a blog hop I am taking part in on Tuesday - most of the Baker's Dozen are involved in a blog hop using Shimelle's new kits that are coming out on Tuesday. I made a page last week using them and then this morning made my most favoritetist (is that a word?) digi lo ever but I can show it until Tuesday. Not long to wait though.

I then spent a couple of hours doing some work for David and scrapped some more this afternoon but it was real scrapping this time for the Something From Almost Nothing class. The prompt was to " go to your supplies and pick out an item or two that you just *know* you need to use. Maybe something that has been in your stash since you first started scrapping, maybe something that cost a little more and yet is still sitting there unloved or maybe something you keep meaning to use but it never quite makes it to the final page. Your choice! When you have chosen your item, snap a picture of it."

Well, yesterday I photographed my black Splendid Treasures and Fabulous Brads, I swear the camera was shaking as I took the photo from the stress of my intention of using these little beauties. I very nearly put them back into the safety of their drawer and got something else out. I summoned up the courage this afternoon and used them! This page is to celebrate being me. I am not the most conventional of wives, mothers or friends and am very quirky at times but I try to embrace who I am and celebrate it. As long as I like who I am and my family and friends like who I am then these are the only opinions that matter to me.

Looking at my dining room table I so wish I could paper scrap with as little mess as I can digi scrap. I can't believe how many bits and pieces I have gotten out to make such a simple page!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I found a good work/play balance today.

2. I am looking forward to going to church this evening - for a change we are all going.

3. This weekend has been fabulous with lots achieved in many areas, including a clean and tidy house!



Up with the lark!

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I know I will be sorry that I did it later on today but I stayed up until 1am to finish these two projects. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do late nights, I am a lark - early to bed and early to rise. Unfortunately, the early to rise part still kicked in and I got up at 5:30. I can see me being sent to bed this afternoon because I will be tired and grumpy.

I started this page several weeks ago and every time I have tried to finish it (2 crops and an afternoon scrapping with a friend) I have left a vital component at home. On the first occasion I left the photograph at home. On the second attempt I had left the printed elements at home and yesterday I had forgotten my inks (which were sulking on the dining room table when I got home because they had been left behind and didn't make the trip to Karen's scrap palace - I promised them I would take then on my next visit).

This is yet another paper version of a digi page but with a different photo and journaling. I so love this kit and can see myself using it again and again. It is A Boy's Heart by Julie Itis from Plain Digital Wrapper.

Can you see the stamping along the bottom? I can't believe that I stamped onto a finished lo - I had to take several deep breaths first and then go for it and I am pleased that I did.

The second page is for the 4th prompt on the Something From Almost Nothing class that I am participating in at the moment. The prompt was to use up cardstock. I made this page entirely from bits from my card scraps box.

Don't you just love those little card roses? I read how to make them in Creating Keepsakes magazine and knew immediately that I had to make them as they are so cute. There is another challenge on the SFAN forum to make a page using metal, paper scraps, ribbon and card scraps - a little project for me later on this weekend I think. I already have the page drawn in my head, now I only have to find the time to get it out of my head and into reality!

Unfortunately, after seeing how beautifully tidy a house can look I have been shamed into committing to spend the morning sorting out our scrap heap of a house so I had better get to it .

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have just spent a blissful 3 hours on my own before the rest of the family get up (they aren't even awake yet).

2. The day looks like it will be a nice one - better than all the rain we had yesterday.

3. The prospect of a tidy and clean house is surprisingly gratifying!



April's Eclectic Keepsakes

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OK, we are getting closer, so some more details about the April class.

This has been specially designed by the ultra talented SJ Dowsett. Check out her blog HERE for details about her and see more of her gorgeous Little Musing Characters.

(PS. Also check out her blog post tomorrow for more details about Eclectic Keepsakes)

OK, so the class itself is a card class based around two special characters; Justin for the men in your life and Phoebe for the girls.

In the kit you will get;

Four 6x12 pieces of Crate paper
A sheet of 6x12 Crate stickers
Phoebe Print & Card titles
Justin Print & Card titles
Two A5 Card blanks - white textured
Two Envelopes
A kraft off cut
A sheet of book paper
Some punch outs

The Price? Only £2.
Remember, we are able to do this using the latest, just released products as we are a not for profit event and we believe in getting you the best teachers and the best products in the right quantities.

There will of course be the original class and the kick it up version. This class will introduce you to some cool paper crafting techniques along with some ideas about colouring images as well.

What you will need to bring:

Essential tools:

Detail scissors (If you don't have any, tesco sell them for £2.50!)(Some will be available for use on the day but this will be shared)
Pop Dots or Foam tape
Glue, be it pritt or Double tape - which ever you prefer
A brown ink pad
A colouring medium if you want to kick it up. Pencils, watercolour paints or watercolour pencils, promarkers, etc. Again some mediums will be available on the day but again this will be shared.

We will have some extra kits for you to purchase on the day or via post - email us for further information.

We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome SJ to the EK event, cant wait for the3rd to arrive now!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A quick way to do a blog post is to cut and past direct from your friend's post - thank you Karen.

2. An absolutely awful morning at work was followed by a sublime afternoon spent scrapping with an awesomely talented crafter in the most exquisite craft room imaginable.

3. The weekly shop is done, everyone who needs to be is fed and a nice hot bath is now calling me.



It's Arrived!

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What I hear you asking! Well my secret Mother's Day present arrived yesterday and I am delighted with it. It was this

One of my all time favorite films. We went to see this at the cinema with my best friend, who also happens to be the mum of Gracia's best friend (how convenient is that?) and the two girls so it brings back happy memories. I struggled to read the book and had started it several times until I saw the film and then devoured the book soon after!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I now have 40 minutes before I have to leave for work to finish (well if I'm being honest, to do a bit more because it would be an impossibility for me to finish a lo in 40 minutes) the digi lo I have been working on for the past few days.

2. I have made my favorite pasta salad for lunch and have to confess that I ate quite a substantial amount of it for breakfast!

3. David and Gracia are both out tonight so that means I can type up a token number of invoices for David and then play for the rest of the evening.

If you read this before the day is over, I hope you have a lovely day too xx



Keeping Up

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Ok I have 7 minutes before I have to leave for work so this is a majorly quick post! Prompt 3 for Something From Almost Nothing was to use ribbon. I made several ribbon rosettes and have used some on this page. I have a little birthday card project in mind for the others. This page celebrates the relationship Gracia and I have - sometimes extremely good, sometimes extremely bad but never boring!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I am managing to keep my head above water and make a page for the prompts when they come out - having a day or a weekend between each prompt helps.

2. It is a beautiful sunny day and I am looking forward to work (how sad am I?)

3. I can write a blog post in 7 minuted, note to self - you don't have to agonize about what you write, just get it down and move on.



Happy Mother's Day

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And what a lovely one it has been. I had my favorite breakfast of Kingsmill Seeds and Oats bread, toasted with butter and Marmite. Yes I am a Marmite girl, it is one of the few strong tastes I like, perhaps because it is so salty and although I don't put salt in my cooking I do put it on my meals once I have dished them up!

The rest of the day was spent doing some office work for David and taking some photos in readiness for a little digi page I have planned and will maybe get done tonight whilst watching tv with the family.

I finished my Mother's Day bouquet of flowers card for David's mum. I count myself lucky with the mil I have, a lot of how she is has made David the man he is and I am very grateful to her. The printed elements on this card are Cute Circles, Ornate Frames and Autumn Apples Polka Dot Papers - all by Shimelle Laine and from 2 Peas in a Bucket.

Also I photographed the second page for my Celebrate Life album and the prompt was to us scraps of paper. I made a 5 x 5 grid, used a square decided on the size of my photos, printed them out and stuck them to the page and then used a punch to make squares to fill in the remainder of the space. Finally I used a flower punch and scraps of paper to decorate the squares and then put a brad into the center of each one - two prompts in one (using metal and scraps of paper).

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have had a lovely relaxing day.

2. Although I had the Something From Almost Nothing class for Mother's Day, Gracia says that there is something else for me but it is winging its way from as we speak - oooooh more surprises :)

3. Scrapping in front of the tv without making any mess can only mean digi scrapping and I do love digi scrapping, not as much as paper scrapping but it is fast becoming a close second



Ops I've Done It Again!

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Well you knew I would didn't you? As always, after making a digi lo that I like I have to then make a physical version. So here is my paper lo of the digi I made on Thursday. It is basically the same but I changed the title and added some Heidi Grace flower stickers that I have had hanging around for some time.

I made it at the crop I go to each month. Usually, there are only 4 of us but this month there were 6 and it was lovely to meet new people as well as chat with the old ones.

I also made this lo for the first prompt from the Something From Almost Nothing class that I signed up for last week. The first prompt was to use up some of your metal embellishments so on this page I have used a badge, some photo turns, several brads and some ribbon brads. Although it is called Being Silly - David took one look and said that the title was a misrepresentation as it should have been called 'Being Normal'!

I also almost finished a page for the second prompt which was to use up scraps of patterned paper. I will finish this page and upload it tomorrow.

The suggested theme for the class is Celebrate Life and so I am using an 8 x 8 album and the first page is to celebrate being silly, the second one is to celebrate our little family of 3.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. As always I have had a wonderful day out with the girls.

2. David has been on an epic journey today but returned safely with the task he had to do finished successfully.

3 I am looking forward to a lie in and breakfast in bed tomorrow. Oh that reminds me that I have to finish the Mother's Day card I am making for David's mum,



New Crop in the Ipswich Area

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Well, new crops seem to be like buses at the moment. You wait for one and then two come along at once! Here is another crop that is starting up and so if you can't make it to our one in Colchester I am sure that these girls will make you welcome there.



Venturing over to the dark side!

23:18 Karen 3 Comments

Well I have to confess that I didn't get my page done for the Something from almost Nothing class so am already behind but never mind I do have a crop to go to on Saturday so should catch up then!

This evening I ventured over to the dark side again (as my blog friend Amy calls it) and made a digi lo to celebrate the first Eclectic Keepsakes crop. I still take ages making digi los because I shuffle digi papers and embellies about as much as I do physical ones, if not more! I used cute circles and aged labels from here along with a mass of other stuff.

Oh my - look at the time. David will come in, in a minute and say, as he always does "You will turn into a pumpkin!" So it's off to bed for me.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. It is nearly the weekend.

2. Off for lunch with a friend tomorrow.

3. A nice clean bed to climb into.



Blog Part 2!

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As I said in the previous post - David bought me this class as an early Mother's Day present and the pre class challenge was to show what stash you have. My stash supplies are not vast as I have little room to store it and now I tend to buy with a project in mind. Saying that I still have lots of items that I purchased before I learnt the meaning of the word restraint so, to my shame, have lots that need to be used up or thrown away!

So first of all this the where I store my stash. It is the tall cupboard in my kitchen/dining room so also has the broom, dustpan and brush, tins and jars of food in too.

My stash is kept in a 4drawer unit, 3 plastic tubs, a large 12 x 12 cardboard box, an artbin that is about 1.5 inches deep and I also have a blanket box to keep most of my tools in.

My draws contain

Alphas - way too many

Paints and pens

Stickers and rub ons

More stickers and chipboard

The tubs mainly hold embellishments, stamps, inks, brads, blossoms and more buttons than I care to admit to!

All of my patterned paper

All of my cardstock
(I don't know why I have so many colours as I seem to mostly scrap on black or white!)

In addition to the cupboard I also have a blanket box where I keep most of my tools and my Christmas stash for when I eventually finish my Journal Your Christmas album!

Thanks for popping over to my blog to have a look and Happy Scrapping to everyone taking the Something from Almost Nothing class.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I don't have anywhere near as much stash as most scrappers so can justify buying more.

2. Most of the stash that I do have I still really like.

3. I am going to use some tonight and tomorrow night for my first class page.



Wow - What a fabulous Saturday!

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Ok apologies for what is probably going to be quite a long blog post - I would suggest that if you are going to stay around you need to get yourself a drink and maybe a piece of cake (I have a cup of tea and several chocolate digestives) and a comfortable place to sit.

So, Saturday was our first crop. Wow we were amazed at the reaction - the ladies loved it, so much so that by Monday we were fully subscribed for April's crop with a sizable waiting list to boot! We have pledged that every penny made from the crop fees will be ploughed back into the crop and that class packs will be sold for the exact amount of money that we have paid for the items in them.

Karen and I wanted to make the crop our own, we wanted to make it unique and innovative, something that reflected how we wanted to crop and fortunately the other ladies that attended liked how we did it. The feedback has been so positive and if any of you lovely ladies attended on Saturday are reading this, I am sending a BIG thank you for coming and making the day so stress free and fun. It was fabulous that my best friend was there to share the day, she made the most beautiful lo ever but then she always does! It was so nice to see girls I had scrapped with previously but had not seen for some time and especially nice to meet new ladies who I feel will soon become friends. I loved that Roz and Pat were able to share my table and to be able to spend time with them socially was a bonus.

We had fabulous raffle prizes - acquired by Karen, lots of cakes and sweeties, two places for this class to give away (as I didn't win one of those I just had to get David to buy it for my Mother's Day present!) and the fabulous Jill and Mel from A Trip Down Memory Lane brought along their shop - and what a shop it was, so many bits of loveliness to tempt the money out of my purse!

We had decided to run our hybrid class on two levels - the basic class (which I designed) for less confident or first time scrappers, and we had a few,

and then a more advanced version, which we called the 'Kick It Up' version for experienced, confident scrappers which was designed by the fabulously talented Karen C.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, loved the idea with some ladies doing just the basic class, some ladies doing the full kick it up class and some ladies doing a bit of both. We feel that this is the way forward for scrap classes!

Kerry's Page

Naomi's Page

After the crop I had a 20 minute race to get to Gracia's dance show for 7.00 and we made it just in time. I took some sneaky photos of her dancing and sincerely hope that she continues to take the classes next year as it is clearly something she absolutely loves and shines at. Apologies in advance for the poor photo quality but we were up on the balcony and about 80 mtrs away from the stage!


Pointe Ballet


Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We were right to follow our instincts, take what would have been a normal crop and 'kick it up' and our decision has paid off with dividends.

2. We have lots of lovely ladies wanting to join our new venture and will welcome them with open arms.

3. Working alongside Karen has been an absolute delight - she is such a talented person who is so giving of her time and help.

Be warned - I am going to get the evening meal and then I am going to blog again!