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Well Hello, long time no see - not all my fault. Something has gone wrong with my blog and I just haven't had time to sort it out. It keeps coming and going. Sometimes I can view it, sometimes there is just the header and the side bar and sometimes it doesn't appear at all!

Never mind, I will carry on regardless and hope it will sort it's self out or someone out there, who reads my blog will be able to come up with an answer, if not I have earmarked Sunday as the day to sort it out.

The crop I am starting, with my lovely friend Karen C, is almost sorted and the launch day is Saturday. I am both excited and nervous but a really pleased with the number and variety of people we have coming - a mixture of experienced and novice scrappers.

Have a little look on the crop blog and see what goodies we have to give away. Karen has worked really hard to get such lovely classes donated and her marketing skills are second to none.

Here are a few peeks of the class we are running:-

I have only had time to make digi pages this last couple of weeks but making digi pages is better than not making any pages at all and now I have discovered the joy of digi scrapping I am pleased that I can make something over a couple of hours, fitting it in between other jobs and not have any mess to clear up at the end of it.

First page is a tribute to the joys of being a mum to a teenager.

The second page is a celebration of our silliness which is exhibited at every opportunity.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My hero David came out to ASDA to rescue me when I locked my car keys in the boot and didn't moan one little bit even though it involved him leaving work, going home to get the spare keys, bringing them to ASDA and then having to go back to work and he had to go several miles out of his way to do so as our road is flooded at the end he normally comes home from!

2. After a monumental argument on Friday all is calm between mother and daughter at the moment and long may this last!

3. We are all having a lovely relaxing evening - David is practicing his cello, Gracia is practicing her ballet and me, well I am just doing a few things but am taking my time and just pootling about while I do them.



How exciting that you are organizing a crop. If I lived close to you I'd join in for sure!!!

I had to laugh at your digi page about your daughter. I know each of those items all too well - my daughter is 21 now. :o)

Good luck sorting out your blog!

Mel said...

Those LO's are gorgeous. Glad peace is currently reigning in your house. Good luck for Saturday. As for locking keys in the boot, well I've locked my keys in the glovebox of my car then manually locked the door!! Easier than you think huh??!!