It's Arrived!

07:24 Karen 1 Comments

What I hear you asking! Well my secret Mother's Day present arrived yesterday and I am delighted with it. It was this

One of my all time favorite films. We went to see this at the cinema with my best friend, who also happens to be the mum of Gracia's best friend (how convenient is that?) and the two girls so it brings back happy memories. I struggled to read the book and had started it several times until I saw the film and then devoured the book soon after!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I now have 40 minutes before I have to leave for work to finish (well if I'm being honest, to do a bit more because it would be an impossibility for me to finish a lo in 40 minutes) the digi lo I have been working on for the past few days.

2. I have made my favorite pasta salad for lunch and have to confess that I ate quite a substantial amount of it for breakfast!

3. David and Gracia are both out tonight so that means I can type up a token number of invoices for David and then play for the rest of the evening.

If you read this before the day is over, I hope you have a lovely day too xx



Heather said...

pasta salad for breakfast?!!! lol
I cant even face weetabix most mornings but then my hunger kicks in about 10am & I have to raid the biscuits!!
Hope your day was ace :)