Birthday Part 2 and Cyber Cropping

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Well, has that girl of ours had a fabulous birthday weekend! As mentioned in my last post on her return from roller skating we made ice cream sundaes - and from the look on their faces Gracia and Josh approved of the mixture of ice cream, crushed Oreos, smarties, toffee sauce, fresh strawberries, topped off with chocolate crackle sauce, sprinkles and a ripple bar!

The roller skating apparently went very well. Because we live out in the country, without footpaths and our road is only a gravel track with potholes in it, Gracia has never really learnt to roller skate. She kind of scoots along using one foot and keeping the other one still or has a cute sort of shuffle. I really don't know why she wanted to go roller skating but it was her wish and who would deny it on her birthday - not Josh of course because he gives in to her every whim! She said that she didn't fall over, managed to go backwards (she didn't clarify whether this was by accident or intentional) and as it was a roller disco she also danced to Thriller! It was so late and they were so full of ice cream that we decided to leave the lighting of the cake until Saturday.

For me, Saturday was a fabulous day. I scrapped with friends from 10am until 4.30pm and in all that time only completed one very simple lo for the UKS cyber crop! Too much chatting, surfing the web and dancing to my iPod I think.

The beautiful butterfly was very kindly donated by one of my friends and the other suggested that I put Stickles on it to bling it up a bit - genius idea!

David took us out for a meal to ZiZi's, a local pizza restaurant, in the evening.

Today, I had my class for the cyber crop go live. I have been worrying about this as you never know if what you think is nice will be to other people's taste but fortunately it was and I had lots of lovely comments about the class. It was a class on making flowers from newspaper.

Also today I managed to make a lo for one of the cyber crop challenges. It was to scrap a friend and of course Eileen was the obvious choice!

So after a very busy weekend I am off to bed.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It has been a really fantastic weekend.

2. My class was well received.

3. We have more cupcake plans for later in the week. Oh on the subject of cupcakes the ones I made came from the book that is on this website - Hello Cupcake - pop over and have a look because they have videos on how to make some of the cakes too. I know that I am not going to be able to resist What's New Cupcake for much longer



How Can It Be?

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Just tell me - how can it be, how can this girl be 17, where has all that time gone, where is my little baby?

Yes, today is a big day in our little house - Gracia has hit 17! I genuinely cannot believe that it has been 17 years since I first held that little bundle that was so elusive and so longed for. I have never wanted another child but there have been times when I have longed for Gracia to be a baby again. But I love and appreciate the beautiful woman she has grown into. David and I count our blessings every day and thank God that he gifted her to us.

So how has the day panned out? Well it was all good it seems. Presents first thing this morning.

Lots of clothes, a new camera and gift vouchers - perfect presents for a 17 year old girl.

Lots of cards.

I used another of SJ's little musings for this one - she is called Lillian but I coloured her up to be Gracia!

Pancakes for breakfast. A ride all the way into college instead of just to the bus stop. Fun with friends all day. A ride home from college, along with your boyfriend.

A surprise birthday cake that took ages to make but was worth every minute spent up to my elbows in icing!

Piles of Sunflower cupcakes each with its own little Smartie ladybird!

She had her favorite meal for tea with Josh, her favorite person. She is now off roller skating for the evening and has plans for the remainder of the day - ice cream sundaes when they return from roller skating, a movie and popcorn and a late night pass with Josh.

AND it doesn't end there - David is taking Gracia out for breakfast tomorrow and for a little retail therapy and tomorrow evening he is going to take the four of us out for dinner. What a spoiled girl but I can guarantee that she deserves every ounce of spoiling.

So Happy Birthday my darling girl and always remember how proud we are of you and how much we love you.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Gracia has had a fantastic Birthday.

2. We are truly blessed to have such a fabulous girl.

3. She liked the surprise Birthday cake.



He gives with one hand and takes with the other!

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No sooner has the 'toilet box' gone than he moves the washing machine into my lounge! I spent 16 years with the fridge/freezer in the lounge until we could afford one that he deemed good enough to go into the beautiful kitchen and now I have the washing machine in the lounge. To add insult to injury it doesn't even work at the moment because the waste pipe is not long enough so I have a pile of dirty washing too.

On a happier note I have been over to the dark side again and made two los. The first is about how much I enjoy spending time with the Divine Miss E and also my third one for the 'Lift This' blog.

The second one I made today. I was just playing about with photoshop elements and these
Rhonna Farrer frames and managed to make my photo have swirly edges! I loved it so much that I had to scrap it and used a free kit called Giggle and Hoot which had elements that went perfectly with my photo.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. After spending 2 hours this morning an still not being able to get my bil's computer online BT have finally conceded that I do perhaps need a new modem and are sending one out!

1. Slimming World shepherds pie for tea - I love trying out new recipes.

3. I discovered this website - I have the book Hello Cupcake and now need What's New Cupcake. I am going to make some from my book for Gracia's birthday on Friday so watch this space!



She Cracks Me Up!

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That girl of mine is such a hoot! Look what she has made - a little grave stone for the lost bunny!

Also look at this photo from when we went for our walk yesterday, I foolishly assumed that this was going to be a lovely photo - no I should have known better than to trust her, what a silly face she is pulling but when I downloaded my photos I had to laugh - yes that girl of mine really cracks me up!

A photo of my lovely girls together.

My page for the SFAN class using buttons and boy did I use some on this page. The jury is out on this one as I think I have over buttoned it. I have also used this sketch from Creative Scrappers.

Also another page for this blog, you have to use the four colours stipulated and the sketch is optional. I loved the sketch so much I had to use it.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. We are so fortunate to all have such quirky senses of humor we each make the other two laugh every day.

2. Watching The Matrix for the first time is good mental chewing gum for a Saturday evening.

3. A day spent doing exactly what I like is good for the soul.



I can't believe he did that!

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Well, I am absolutely flabbergasted! I went off at 7.45pm, yesterday, to help with the soup kitchen where we feed the local homeless. It was heaving, I really don't know why there were so many people yesterday, we run out of sandwiches and hot water! When I got back David was looking rather sheepish and on further questioning said he had eaten my baby bunny. Not a real one you understand but the one Eileen gave me for Easter.

We had two large bunnies and two babies - it was my bunny family the large ones represented me and David and the small ones Gracia and Josh and he had eaten one.

Just look at how their little noses are about to kiss

He then said it was Gracia who had eaten it and he was just trying to cover for her! I called her down for interrogation and was informed that she had caught him in the act of beginning to unwrap said bunny and when told "Mum wont like it if you eat that bunny" he blatantly bit into it and grinned! I am now reviewing this whole marriage thing - how could I have lived with such a fiend for the past 25 years? How can he not get the 'bunny family' thing? He will have to scour the shops for a replacement to get back into my good books.

Look - 1 lonely little bunny and all that remains of the other is a his red ribbon bell :( I am saying his because I would hate to think that Gracia bunny has been eaten.

Ohhh can you see in the edge of the photo - my FINISHED Journal Your Christmas Mini, finished on Sunday.

On a happier note, I spent another lovely afternoon with Eileen making this page. This is a multi-tasking page as it fulfilled three criteria.

1. a page for my Something from Almost Nothing album (which I am soooooo0o behind with)
2. a hybrid design piece for Shimielle's Digitals.
3. a submission for this prompt. I discovered this site on Tuesday and immediately loved the concept.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. At least I still have three bunnies left, for the time being anyway unless I go out and leave HIM alone with them again.

2. As David forgot to bring the invoices that need typing home from work, yesterday, I have a day to myself and I may just try another multi-tasking page for colour palette 2 from the Color Room and the use your buttons for the SFAN prompt.

3. And the best reason of all to be cheerful - Gracia, Kiera and I are going to the woods for a walk and a picnic lunch today, I have been looking forward to this all week. Quality time with my girls (yes - I do count the dog as one of my girls)!



"I'm liking it!"

10:50 Karen 1 Comments

These are the words that I often utter when creating a lo! It is almost my catch phrase and I never use it more than when I am scrapping with Eileen!

I don't know why but I always seem to say it when she is around - perhaps she brings out my best creativity as she is my best scrapping bud and the one whom I have scrapped with the longest, in fact she is responsible for my scrapping obsession! We spent a lovely afternoon together yesterday, me making the page below and Eileen mostly paper shuffling but she did make a fab page too to which she said "I'm liking it" - surly she wasn't making fun of me - no Eileen wouldn't do such a thing - or would she? We also egged each other on into some stash buying - even though after spending almost all day Sunday sorting out my stash and firmly telling myself that I do not have any need for more!

This page is based on sketch #99 from Creative Scrappers sketch challenge - I do love the Creative Scrappers site.

Look - a page that doesn't have black or white card stock as the base!

I used to be weary of sketches and felt that if I didn't copy them exactly as they were drawn then it wouldn't count. I have passed that place now and love to use sketches as a kick start to a page, especially if I am going through a creative slump.

Just look at that beautiful butterfly punched border - Eileen let me use her brand new, just out of the packet, never been used before, Martha Stewart punch - that about sums up Eileen so generous that she lets you use one of her special possessions before she has xxx

The butterflies that had been punched out I used to highlight the journalling.

The very generous Eileen also gave me this cream flower as it went so well with the page.

So I must be off now as I have the spare bedroom to sort out - it is just a mountain of
unironed washing, I may take a photo but if it is too scary or embarrassing, I will not post it!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. An afternoon spent in my best bud's company with the prospect of another one tomorrow!

2. Gracia is a very happy bunny today as her boyfriend has returned from 12 days in France.

3. I am looking forward to taking Kiera for a long walk this afternoon.



The End of an Era!

21:39 Karen 1 Comments

A non crafting post - you may not wish to read on.

Well, yesterday saw the end of an era! I will explain as best I can. Over the past 18 years David has been working on our house. When we originally bought it, it was just a little workman's cottage with a lounge, a very small dining room and a bathroom downstairs, along with a small kitchen extension and all there was upstairs was a bedroom and a very large landing. For 5 years, until David had built a bedroom for her in the extension, Gracia slept on the landing. He has doubled the size of the house by building an identical cottage behind the original one and linking them. As part of the build he has turned the landing into a beautiful bathroom and turned the stairs around. To enable him to turn the stairs round he had to remove the downstairs toilet and while the new one was being built he put a small room, made of wood in the back of the downstairs room, not quite in the lounge but almost, to house a toilet.

This temporary toilet did of course have a wall and a door but I didn't manage to get my camera out quick enough to snap a photo before they were removed.

We have had this temporary toilet for several years now but yesterday was the day that it was torn down! I am amazed at how big the room is now and had quite forgotten what it looked like as although the temporary toilet was in situ the whole time, David worked around it and put in new beams and windows so it looks fantastic. There is still an awful lot of work to be done but for the first time in 18 years I feel that the end is in sight. He only has the downstairs in the old house and the original old bedroom left to do - maybe another 3 or 4 years. When we bought the house he anticipated getting it all finished in 5 - ever the optimist my husband!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The box has gone.

2. An afternoon spent with a friend drinking tea and just gassing!

3. The prospect of going shopping with Gracia tomorrow.



Cropping with the Divine Miss E

18:33 Karen 5 Comments

Today was the day for the little crop I go to and what a lovely day I had. I got to cuddle the divine Miss E who is the most adorable little girl you could imagine. She is so placid and for most of the time we were there (10am to 4pm) she lay contentedly in her pram or on her play mat. What a dream of a baby, only fussing when she was hungry - Elaine you are one very lucky mum!

I have managed two, yes two, pages today - although I took enough stash to make 102! The first was of Gracia at her recent dance show. I knew I was going to watch her and what her costumes were going to be like and when Mel and Jill from A Trip Down Memory Lane came to the big crop with their shop these papers, flowers, bling and alphas were just crying out to be purchased for this little page! Thank you Sue for very diplomatically pointing out that I had used the American spelling of centre so I was able to swap the last two letters around to make it the 'proper' way of spelling it.xx

The second page is to celebrate the fantastic report Gracia got from her 6th Form College - she works so hard and it is certainly paying off at the moment. She worries that she will not get the predicted grades and that David and I will be disappointed but as long as she does her best what more can we ask? An explanation for the photo in this lo - it is from Gracia's performance studies show and I only have college photos of this show and I chose one in which the other students were not readily recognised unless you actually know them.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I got to cuddle the Divine Miss E and kiss her squidgy neck.

2. Gracia is so hard working and diligent in all she does.

3. David is taking us out for a pizza tonight and I had better get my skates on and get ready.