Being taken over by the dark side!

18:12 Karen 1 Comments

Well, Gracia and I went to visit Mum on Tuesday and came back today. I had such high hopes of getting so much stuff done and what did I do, not a lot! One of my jobs was to sort out the photographs on my axillary hard drive. On searching I discovered that there were over 60,000 and this was such a daunting task. I had to find all the duplicated ones and once they were deleted I had 18,000 but the majority of these can be deleted too. Gracia has a habit, which I suspect most teenage girls have, of using my camera to take a gazillion photos of herself and only one or two of these are any good so I am hoping that by the end of the school holidays I will have a hard drive with sorted and categorized photos.

I also took loads of bookwork - none got done, and a huge stash of scrap booking supplies along with the prompts from the Something From Almost Nothing class, hoping that I could catch up - no chance for that either. I really don't know what I did with the time there. I didn't even unpack my stash but I did find time to make a digi page about how we have to go to McDonald's to use their WiFi when we go to visit Mum as she doesn't have internet access in her house!

A page (also digi) I made at the weekend. Help I am being taken over by the Dark Side!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. We drove to mum's and back safely and we all managed our time there without any arguments!

2. On the way back we dropped in to our local Designer Outlet Village and I managed to purchase a new pair of jeans, a strappy top and three t-shirts to under the strappy top as I am not flapping my bingo wings in public (only spending £1.62 as I used vouchers from Christmas and my birthday), all purchased in 45 minutes!

3. It is lovely to be back home and my little heart just missed a beat because I heard my lovely husband pulling into the drive so I am off to meet him with a kiss.


Deb said...

Oh boy, that is something I really need to do - go through and delete a bunch of photos! I had to smile about Gracia taking pix of herself - my Carrie has always done the same thing. :o)

Your layouts are lovely, and I'm glad to hear you had a good and safe trip to your mom's! Have a great weekend.