Birthday Part 2 and Cyber Cropping

22:07 Karen 2 Comments

Well, has that girl of ours had a fabulous birthday weekend! As mentioned in my last post on her return from roller skating we made ice cream sundaes - and from the look on their faces Gracia and Josh approved of the mixture of ice cream, crushed Oreos, smarties, toffee sauce, fresh strawberries, topped off with chocolate crackle sauce, sprinkles and a ripple bar!

The roller skating apparently went very well. Because we live out in the country, without footpaths and our road is only a gravel track with potholes in it, Gracia has never really learnt to roller skate. She kind of scoots along using one foot and keeping the other one still or has a cute sort of shuffle. I really don't know why she wanted to go roller skating but it was her wish and who would deny it on her birthday - not Josh of course because he gives in to her every whim! She said that she didn't fall over, managed to go backwards (she didn't clarify whether this was by accident or intentional) and as it was a roller disco she also danced to Thriller! It was so late and they were so full of ice cream that we decided to leave the lighting of the cake until Saturday.

For me, Saturday was a fabulous day. I scrapped with friends from 10am until 4.30pm and in all that time only completed one very simple lo for the UKS cyber crop! Too much chatting, surfing the web and dancing to my iPod I think.

The beautiful butterfly was very kindly donated by one of my friends and the other suggested that I put Stickles on it to bling it up a bit - genius idea!

David took us out for a meal to ZiZi's, a local pizza restaurant, in the evening.

Today, I had my class for the cyber crop go live. I have been worrying about this as you never know if what you think is nice will be to other people's taste but fortunately it was and I had lots of lovely comments about the class. It was a class on making flowers from newspaper.

Also today I managed to make a lo for one of the cyber crop challenges. It was to scrap a friend and of course Eileen was the obvious choice!

So after a very busy weekend I am off to bed.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It has been a really fantastic weekend.

2. My class was well received.

3. We have more cupcake plans for later in the week. Oh on the subject of cupcakes the ones I made came from the book that is on this website - Hello Cupcake - pop over and have a look because they have videos on how to make some of the cakes too. I know that I am not going to be able to resist What's New Cupcake for much longer



Elaine said...

wow - what can i say....sundaes at the next crop?!lol
Sounds like Gracia had a fab birthday and your lo's are lovely. I love what you have done with the tail of the bird - i have those little birds and they look so dull on their own so might have to give that idea a go if u don't mind. Have a lovely week xxxx

Deb said...

LOVE the newspaper flowers!!! And thanks for the link on the cupcakes. :o)