Cropping with the Divine Miss E

18:33 Karen 5 Comments

Today was the day for the little crop I go to and what a lovely day I had. I got to cuddle the divine Miss E who is the most adorable little girl you could imagine. She is so placid and for most of the time we were there (10am to 4pm) she lay contentedly in her pram or on her play mat. What a dream of a baby, only fussing when she was hungry - Elaine you are one very lucky mum!

I have managed two, yes two, pages today - although I took enough stash to make 102! The first was of Gracia at her recent dance show. I knew I was going to watch her and what her costumes were going to be like and when Mel and Jill from A Trip Down Memory Lane came to the big crop with their shop these papers, flowers, bling and alphas were just crying out to be purchased for this little page! Thank you Sue for very diplomatically pointing out that I had used the American spelling of centre so I was able to swap the last two letters around to make it the 'proper' way of spelling it.xx

The second page is to celebrate the fantastic report Gracia got from her 6th Form College - she works so hard and it is certainly paying off at the moment. She worries that she will not get the predicted grades and that David and I will be disappointed but as long as she does her best what more can we ask? An explanation for the photo in this lo - it is from Gracia's performance studies show and I only have college photos of this show and I chose one in which the other students were not readily recognised unless you actually know them.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I got to cuddle the Divine Miss E and kiss her squidgy neck.

2. Gracia is so hard working and diligent in all she does.

3. David is taking us out for a pizza tonight and I had better get my skates on and get ready.



Elaine said...

Aww the photo turned out well. She will now be famous in the scrapbooking world!lol
Love those pages they turned out fab....hope Gracia likes them :)

Deb said...

Well, your pages are lovely (as usual). I love how you used the text from Gracia's reports on the page! But I have to tell you, that little Miss E is just ADORABLE!!! How fun that you got to spend the day cropping and hanging out with such a sweet little bundle. Good for you! xo

Bubbles said...

The baby IS a gorgeous little mite :)
I love the pages - so expressive. It's so wonderful how you show your pride and joy in your daughter with these LOs... she's lucky to have a mum like you!

Eileen said...

Hi there don't you look a natural.

BTW when are we next getting together for a little 'cutting and sticking' therapy? It's been like forever. I'm not working tomorrow or Tuesday.

Sian said...

Gracia looks fabulous in her costumes! Isn't it great to be able to show your pride with a LO? Thanks for commenting yesterday :)