The End of an Era!

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A non crafting post - you may not wish to read on.

Well, yesterday saw the end of an era! I will explain as best I can. Over the past 18 years David has been working on our house. When we originally bought it, it was just a little workman's cottage with a lounge, a very small dining room and a bathroom downstairs, along with a small kitchen extension and all there was upstairs was a bedroom and a very large landing. For 5 years, until David had built a bedroom for her in the extension, Gracia slept on the landing. He has doubled the size of the house by building an identical cottage behind the original one and linking them. As part of the build he has turned the landing into a beautiful bathroom and turned the stairs around. To enable him to turn the stairs round he had to remove the downstairs toilet and while the new one was being built he put a small room, made of wood in the back of the downstairs room, not quite in the lounge but almost, to house a toilet.

This temporary toilet did of course have a wall and a door but I didn't manage to get my camera out quick enough to snap a photo before they were removed.

We have had this temporary toilet for several years now but yesterday was the day that it was torn down! I am amazed at how big the room is now and had quite forgotten what it looked like as although the temporary toilet was in situ the whole time, David worked around it and put in new beams and windows so it looks fantastic. There is still an awful lot of work to be done but for the first time in 18 years I feel that the end is in sight. He only has the downstairs in the old house and the original old bedroom left to do - maybe another 3 or 4 years. When we bought the house he anticipated getting it all finished in 5 - ever the optimist my husband!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The box has gone.

2. An afternoon spent with a friend drinking tea and just gassing!

3. The prospect of going shopping with Gracia tomorrow.



Deb said...

You deserve the patient wife award, Karen! I threw a fit last weekend about all the little things around our house that have been unfinished for so long. Hearing about your extensive ongoing remodeling makes me feel silly about my little complaints. How wonderful that you have such a handy hubby! How wonderful that he has such a patient wife! ;o) xo