He gives with one hand and takes with the other!

16:08 Karen 3 Comments

No sooner has the 'toilet box' gone than he moves the washing machine into my lounge! I spent 16 years with the fridge/freezer in the lounge until we could afford one that he deemed good enough to go into the beautiful kitchen and now I have the washing machine in the lounge. To add insult to injury it doesn't even work at the moment because the waste pipe is not long enough so I have a pile of dirty washing too.

On a happier note I have been over to the dark side again and made two los. The first is about how much I enjoy spending time with the Divine Miss E and also my third one for the 'Lift This' blog.

The second one I made today. I was just playing about with photoshop elements and these
Rhonna Farrer frames and managed to make my photo have swirly edges! I loved it so much that I had to scrap it and used a free kit called Giggle and Hoot which had elements that went perfectly with my photo.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. After spending 2 hours this morning an still not being able to get my bil's computer online BT have finally conceded that I do perhaps need a new modem and are sending one out!

1. Slimming World shepherds pie for tea - I love trying out new recipes.

3. I discovered this website - I have the book Hello Cupcake and now need What's New Cupcake. I am going to make some from my book for Gracia's birthday on Friday so watch this space!



Sian said...

Your husband seems to have a scarily similar attitude to mine when it comes to little projects round the house!

Amy said...

We've just been disgussing where the washing machine will live during our project .... outside under the carport I think!

Great layouts today - the dark side suits you so well :-)

Amy said...

Oh good grief ... sorry for the typo ... discussing of course!