How Can It Be?

20:14 Karen 3 Comments

Just tell me - how can it be, how can this girl be 17, where has all that time gone, where is my little baby?

Yes, today is a big day in our little house - Gracia has hit 17! I genuinely cannot believe that it has been 17 years since I first held that little bundle that was so elusive and so longed for. I have never wanted another child but there have been times when I have longed for Gracia to be a baby again. But I love and appreciate the beautiful woman she has grown into. David and I count our blessings every day and thank God that he gifted her to us.

So how has the day panned out? Well it was all good it seems. Presents first thing this morning.

Lots of clothes, a new camera and gift vouchers - perfect presents for a 17 year old girl.

Lots of cards.

I used another of SJ's little musings for this one - she is called Lillian but I coloured her up to be Gracia!

Pancakes for breakfast. A ride all the way into college instead of just to the bus stop. Fun with friends all day. A ride home from college, along with your boyfriend.

A surprise birthday cake that took ages to make but was worth every minute spent up to my elbows in icing!

Piles of Sunflower cupcakes each with its own little Smartie ladybird!

She had her favorite meal for tea with Josh, her favorite person. She is now off roller skating for the evening and has plans for the remainder of the day - ice cream sundaes when they return from roller skating, a movie and popcorn and a late night pass with Josh.

AND it doesn't end there - David is taking Gracia out for breakfast tomorrow and for a little retail therapy and tomorrow evening he is going to take the four of us out for dinner. What a spoiled girl but I can guarantee that she deserves every ounce of spoiling.

So Happy Birthday my darling girl and always remember how proud we are of you and how much we love you.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Gracia has had a fantastic Birthday.

2. We are truly blessed to have such a fabulous girl.

3. She liked the surprise Birthday cake.



First off, happy birthday to your girl!!

Secondly, HOW did you make those cookie/cupcake/frosting things? They are GORGEOUS!!

Sian said...

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Birthday Girl!

And, wow, did you make those cupcakes?? They are fabulous!

Deb said...

As I began reading your post I was all set to leave a comment wishing Gracia a happy birthday (and I still do wish her that...for yesterday). I have an only-child-daughter (she's 21) and it seems that we have the same type of relationship that you and your daughter have. It is truly a blessing and one that others envy! :o)

But then! I kept reading and scrolling down and saw THOSE CUPCAKES! Karen!!! Those are fabulous. Oh my gosh. The cute Oreo centers, the ladybugs - I love them! Would love to see a tutorial or even a recipe for your frosting that you used for the petals. Absolutely adorable!

Enjoy the rest of your daughter's birthday weekend!