I can't believe he did that!

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Well, I am absolutely flabbergasted! I went off at 7.45pm, yesterday, to help with the soup kitchen where we feed the local homeless. It was heaving, I really don't know why there were so many people yesterday, we run out of sandwiches and hot water! When I got back David was looking rather sheepish and on further questioning said he had eaten my baby bunny. Not a real one you understand but the one Eileen gave me for Easter.

We had two large bunnies and two babies - it was my bunny family the large ones represented me and David and the small ones Gracia and Josh and he had eaten one.

Just look at how their little noses are about to kiss

He then said it was Gracia who had eaten it and he was just trying to cover for her! I called her down for interrogation and was informed that she had caught him in the act of beginning to unwrap said bunny and when told "Mum wont like it if you eat that bunny" he blatantly bit into it and grinned! I am now reviewing this whole marriage thing - how could I have lived with such a fiend for the past 25 years? How can he not get the 'bunny family' thing? He will have to scour the shops for a replacement to get back into my good books.

Look - 1 lonely little bunny and all that remains of the other is a his red ribbon bell :( I am saying his because I would hate to think that Gracia bunny has been eaten.

Ohhh can you see in the edge of the photo - my FINISHED Journal Your Christmas Mini, finished on Sunday.

On a happier note, I spent another lovely afternoon with Eileen making this page. This is a multi-tasking page as it fulfilled three criteria.

1. a page for my Something from Almost Nothing album (which I am soooooo0o behind with)
2. a hybrid design piece for Shimielle's Digitals.
3. a submission for this prompt. I discovered this site on Tuesday and immediately loved the concept.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. At least I still have three bunnies left, for the time being anyway unless I go out and leave HIM alone with them again.

2. As David forgot to bring the invoices that need typing home from work, yesterday, I have a day to myself and I may just try another multi-tasking page for colour palette 2 from the Color Room and the use your buttons for the SFAN prompt.

3. And the best reason of all to be cheerful - Gracia, Kiera and I are going to the woods for a walk and a picnic lunch today, I have been looking forward to this all week. Quality time with my girls (yes - I do count the dog as one of my girls)!



Sian said...

I'm really loving your "Reasons to be cheerful" feature. Sorry to hear about the bunny though.

Oh my gosh. Husbands can be SO clueless sometimes. I've got one just like him living in my house! ;o)

Enjoy your picnic today! Will look forward to seeing pictures.

Oh...love the stitching on your layout!!! xo