"I'm liking it!"

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These are the words that I often utter when creating a lo! It is almost my catch phrase and I never use it more than when I am scrapping with Eileen!

I don't know why but I always seem to say it when she is around - perhaps she brings out my best creativity as she is my best scrapping bud and the one whom I have scrapped with the longest, in fact she is responsible for my scrapping obsession! We spent a lovely afternoon together yesterday, me making the page below and Eileen mostly paper shuffling but she did make a fab page too to which she said "I'm liking it" - surly she wasn't making fun of me - no Eileen wouldn't do such a thing - or would she? We also egged each other on into some stash buying - even though after spending almost all day Sunday sorting out my stash and firmly telling myself that I do not have any need for more!

This page is based on sketch #99 from Creative Scrappers sketch challenge - I do love the Creative Scrappers site.

Look - a page that doesn't have black or white card stock as the base!

I used to be weary of sketches and felt that if I didn't copy them exactly as they were drawn then it wouldn't count. I have passed that place now and love to use sketches as a kick start to a page, especially if I am going through a creative slump.

Just look at that beautiful butterfly punched border - Eileen let me use her brand new, just out of the packet, never been used before, Martha Stewart punch - that about sums up Eileen so generous that she lets you use one of her special possessions before she has xxx

The butterflies that had been punched out I used to highlight the journalling.

The very generous Eileen also gave me this cream flower as it went so well with the page.

So I must be off now as I have the spare bedroom to sort out - it is just a mountain of
unironed washing, I may take a photo but if it is too scary or embarrassing, I will not post it!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. An afternoon spent in my best bud's company with the prospect of another one tomorrow!

2. Gracia is a very happy bunny today as her boyfriend has returned from 12 days in France.

3. I am looking forward to taking Kiera for a long walk this afternoon.



Gladie said...

Your page is beautiful! Love how you've used the sketch! :)))