Little Musings Cards

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Well, how lucky were we at our crop yesterday? The fabulously talented SJ taught our card class and it was phenomenal! Not one but 2 cards, complete with specially designed Little Musings, one for the boys in your life and one for the girls, although Karen C used Phoebe for both of her cards.

The fabulously talented SJ

Now these cards were not your ordinary sized cards either but big, beautiful, fully loaded A5 size cards - the sort we have come to expect from SJ.

Justin Card

Phoebe Card

I was busy taking photographs so didn't make the cards but had decided to take along some photos of Gracia and her boyfriend just in case I could use them on a lo and my very dear friend Eileen said that she was going to use the Justin and Phoebe characters on a lo about her daughter and boyfriend and I thought - I have just the right photos here. She also had the genius idea of giving Phoebe some little MaryJane shoes which of course I had to copy! So my lo is 3/4 done and laying on my work surface waiting to be finished, hopefully once I have finished this blog post.

Reasons to be cheerful

1. We have just had a fabulous lunch and spent a lovely afternoon with David's sister, his mum and their family.

2. I am looking forward to watching a DVD this evening with David and Gracia.

3. Although David has ripped out most of the downstairs of the house this weekend, the upstairs is beautifully clean and tidy thanks to a couple of hours I spent on it this morning.