She Cracks Me Up!

21:39 Karen 2 Comments

That girl of mine is such a hoot! Look what she has made - a little grave stone for the lost bunny!

Also look at this photo from when we went for our walk yesterday, I foolishly assumed that this was going to be a lovely photo - no I should have known better than to trust her, what a silly face she is pulling but when I downloaded my photos I had to laugh - yes that girl of mine really cracks me up!

A photo of my lovely girls together.

My page for the SFAN class using buttons and boy did I use some on this page. The jury is out on this one as I think I have over buttoned it. I have also used this sketch from Creative Scrappers.

Also another page for this blog, you have to use the four colours stipulated and the sketch is optional. I loved the sketch so much I had to use it.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. We are so fortunate to all have such quirky senses of humor we each make the other two laugh every day.

2. Watching The Matrix for the first time is good mental chewing gum for a Saturday evening.

3. A day spent doing exactly what I like is good for the soul.



I lol'd when I saw the first picture, before I even read your paragraph. How fun to have a family that appreciates each others humor. :o)

Layouts look great, and I love the pix of you with Gracia and the one of your "girls." xo

Kathy said...

Humour is definitely good for the soul! Great job on this sketch! Love your style!