Back in my Zone

12:17 Karen 4 Comments

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle as I have had so much work to catch up on for David and I have been really tired as a result of an ongoing but not life threatening, health issue I have. But yesterday I finished the last of the invoices I had set my mind to do and my energy levels miraculously clicked back to normal.

I don't usually work on Friday afternoons and that meant that once I had finished my 'David Work' the afternoon and evening, as both David and Gracia were out, were mine to do with as I wished. And what did I wish to do - well scrap of course! I made a page for this challenge and it reignited my love of paper scrapping. Although I have made my Gracia album and I absolutely love it - it is not truly my style so I made this page and am back in my zone!

Lots and lots on the page, bright vibrant colours, buttons, a must for any page in my opinion, and a photo I love. This is in fact the third time I have scrapped this photo and maybe it wont be the last!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Feeling myself again and not so tired that I am having to spend so much time sleeping.

2. As I write this it is warm enough to have the french windows open and listen to all the country noises - birds singing, lambs calling their mums and I can hear the men playing cricket on the green!

3. I have promised myself that once I have blitzed the house (boy does it need it after the past two weeks of not doing anything) I am going to do a little more cutting and sticking.

I hope your weekend is as lovely as I intend mine to be



Sue Jones said...

Love your looking forward to chilling later todat too :D

Sian said...

It can be hard to cope with fluctuating nergy levels, I know, so I'm glad to hear you are feeling on the up again. This truly is a stunning photo..well worthy of repeated scrapping :)

Amy said...

I am all for scrapping photos numerous times - don't ever feel guilty about that! And, the page is gorgeous and I love it when you get in the 'groove'! I hope you maintain the improved health status - such a relief to feel more energetic :-)

Sounds like you have had quite a few distractions lately. Here's hoping everything settles so you can turn out more lovely pages like this one you posted. I LOVE the way you stitched those green buttons onto your page...must remember that one...