Baking, Making, Breaking and Taking (photos)

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What a busy day but what a lovely one! Gracia's Josh stayed over, which resulted in us all going to bed at 1.30 this morning, anyone who knows me will vouch that I don't do late nights but fortunately, this morning, I slept in until 7:30 (unheard of for me) and so today hasn't been the grouchy one I had feared!

First thing this morning I made some cookies for the kids as they had requested some yesterday and also some owl cakes from my cupcake book. When David bought it for me at Christmas I thought it was lovely but was convinced I would not make any of the cakes as they looked too complicated. How wrong I was! The owl cakes turned out really well, although I simplified them a bit for speed. I had all the ingredients necessary as I had planned to make them on Friday but time ran away with me.

After cooking a full English, vegetarian style, I redid the first page of my Shimelle class by

changing the title

and adding the butterflies at jaunty angles.

I bent their wings up so that they looked like they had just landed on the page - I know they will flatten back down once in a page protector but just looking at this page at the moment makes me very happy - what a gorgeous little scrap my baby was!

This is my lounge floor at the moment - a mass of rubble with a path through it in preparation for the new floor which will be laid in the next month!

Usually, I would have to distance myself from the mess for a while to come to terms with the upheaval but this time I have lived with the noise and mess - maybe after 18 years I can now cope? Josh and Gracia also wanted to get in on the 'smashing up the old floor' action!

Gracia's nose really isn't that big - Josh had his elbow in the way :)

This afternoon, we all went for a lovely long walk to to woods where the bluebells are just coming into flower, I think that next week they will be at their best. Look at their shorts, David and I decided that we need to cut about 4 inches from the bottom of Josh's and sew it onto the bottom of Gracia's and then they will both be wearing decent length shorts!

Having had Josh stay for the weekend has made us realise that he is really a part of our family now and so we have awarded him the accolade of being an honorary family member and this weekend our little family of 4 (Kiera is always included as a family member) has now become 5.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. David's banking is now done - it always takes so much longer than I anticipate.

2. Rubble for the lounge floor means the new floor is on its way!

4. That both David and I think that Josh is as near as anyone can get to being worthy of going out with our girl!

I hope your weekend has been as lovely as mine.



LOVE the owl cupcakes!!! And your layout of Gracia as a tiny baby is adorable.

How nice that Gracia has a beau that you approve of and like. You are very lucky...and so is she. ;o)

Denise said...

Love the cupcakes and I really like the way you have changed the way the butterflies sit on the front page - gorgeous.

Amy said...

Those cakes are fantastic!

Gracia was and is such a gorgeous girl - I bet it feels just like yesterday when she was that small :-)