Mischief & Mayhem

17:55 Karen 1 Comments

Yes that is the only way to describe how these two behave when they are out. The will do anything to make each other laugh, jumping out on each other making funny noises. Having piggy back rides, making up silly walks and then giving them amusing names and generally causing mischief and mayhem.

Am I surprised at how they behave - not really because it is almost a carbon copy of how we behaved 25 years ago and it did us no harm. I used three kits from here, here and here to make this page to celebrate the silliness of my two lovlies and how much pleasure it gives me to watch them fool around.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Gracia has 1 AS down and only 8 more to go.

2. They work so hard together at their college work and at revising for their exams that they will both get fantastic results.

3. As I sit here I can hear the birds singing so loudly and see the new green leaves on the trees and it makes me so grateful to be where I am and to have the life I lead.



Sian said...

That's a beautiful page Karen.

Many thanks for your congratulations yesterday :)