I Went Wild!

16:53 Karen 4 Comments

I have just spent the weekend with 15 Rainbows and their leaders at a Rainbow Sleepover. The weather has been absolutely fantastic and the girls have had the best of times. We went to a dedicated area for scouts and girl guides which was safe, fun and just perfect as you would expect.

Our weekend was titled Rainbows Go Wild and boy did we live up to the theme. From the time they arrived at 3 pm on Saturday until they left at 2 pm today they did so much, only pausing for the occasional meal and minimal sleep! Boy are they going to be grouchy tomorrow! We sent them home ladened with goodies and absolutely filthy, some even looked like they had been up a chimney, their faces and hands were so black!

They made safari hats

The girls played for ages in the woods, something many of them had not had much experience of before and how they loved it! They spent ages peering down rabbit holes and moving piles of sticks from one place to another, making sea-saws with planks and building 'fires'. To be able to allow them free reign to roam about as they wished in such a safe environment was a joy to watch.

They made their own pizzas for tea

decorated animal wind chimes while their pizzas were cooking

polished off their pizzas and ate bowls of Rainbow Ice cream.

The blue M&Ms were too much of a temptation and I had to suck several to make my tongue a vibrant colour blue.

We then went back outside for the wild bird man who had come to show us a Harrier Hawk called Josh (who was vary naughty)

and a Boobock owl called Auckland.

They were absolutely awesome and flew, very low, over the girls heads!

It was then time for the campfire and songs with a Beaver pack who were also on site.

Then back to the cabin for a quick couple of games of bingo and bed. The girls eventually went to sleep at about 11pm and were awake again by 6.30am!

But while the girls slept I made these with the adults - little 3 x 3 maze albums to put our photos from the weekend in and we chatted until 1.30am - too late when you have a busy day in store the next day.

Breakfast and more crafts animal masks

and animal bags (Ops forgot to take a photo of the bags)

Next was the safari so they all went off to find the animals that had been hung around the site and once each girl had collected an animal they had to answer the questions taped onto them.

Then it was off to find some fire wood to build a fire and toast marshmallows

and make smores (toasted marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate digestives) as a little morning snack.

Back to the lodge to make owl cakes for pudding and then off again for more fun in the woods.

After lunch there was only time for a little more playing outside before their parents came to take the exhaust and dirty girls home. I really don't think that some of them have ever had so much fun and gotten so filthy.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The sun shone on our little expedition, out into the wild, all weekend.

2. The team that Roz had put together to run the weekend was absolutely fantastic.

3. The sheer joy, excitement and experience the girls gained from this weekend.



Elaine said...

awww this sounds like such fun and I see it had the "karen touch" well done bet they had a lovely weekend and some fab keepsakes xxx

Deb said...

Wow! Now there's a fun filled weekend. So glad you had good weather and took so many great pictures! You must have been exhausted after all that activity! xo

Sian said...

It looks like a wonderful weekend. I have very happy memories of my time in the Guides, and that's thanks to the care and dedication of people just like you :)

Deb said...

Hi Karen ~ I replied to you in the comments on my blog but I'm not sure you'll see it... To make sun tea you just fill a glass jar with water, add tea bags and leave it in the sun for a few hours. I hope you'll give it a try...and let me know what you think. xo