Today I have ...............

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A month's worth of these to type up

30 of these to paint in preparation for our Rainbow sleepover next weekend.

and 101 other things to do. BUT I really don't mind because yesterday I did this

and it is my all time fav colour combo! I adore lime green and when it is teamed with fuchsia pink and tangerine on a black background what more could you ask? Doesn't she look so funny with her fur all spiky!

Ops - a rogue piece of foam pad backing in the photo!

and lots of doodling

I made if for prompt 11 in The Color Room blog. If you have never been over to have a look I thoroughly recommend that you do as the sketches and colour combos are just fab. If I just have time to do one page a week then I head on over there and they never fail to inspire me.

This was my first time making this type of paper flower and they were just 'easy peasy lemon squeezy'

I have seen these loads of times on peoples los but they always made them using scalloped punches - which I don't have. I decided to just draw round a mug and they turned out just fine.

A little tutorial making paper flowers:-

1. Take a piece of crepe or tissue paper, mine was the width of the roll, and fold it in half length ways.

2. Fold it in half, half again and half again, you now have 16 layers.

3. Draw around a circular shape (mine was about 2.5 inches across).

4. Cut out and discard the piece with the drawing on so you now have 15 circles.

5. Pierce a hole in the centre and put in a brad, any old one will do as it wont show.

6. Ink around the edges.

7. Scrunch the top layer around the brad and continue to do this to all 15 layers.

8. Unscrunch the layers and arrange them to form a carnation type flower.

See 'easy peasy lemon squeezy' and so pretty.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I can walk away with dignity and not fight back when someone is being rude (not a member of my family I might add) even though they interpreted this as sulking!

2. I spent yesterday evening with my two most favorite people socialising with some very interesting people and eating some very interesting food.

3. I am really looking forward to our Rainbow sleepover next weekend - 8 adults, 14 under 7's and loads of fun planned.



Deb said...

Hi Karen ~ Yes! I love that color combo!!! It's one of my favorites too. And the flower tutorial is awesome - something I'm definitely going to try. :o)

Elaine said...

karen another fab lo the colour combo and doodling is great.
Love your foot in the animal shapes photo!lol

Heather said...

Karen that LO is gorgeous! I haven't attempted that combo yet cos I've been working all weekend ... so tomorrow I will be going for it! Love the flower but I'm concerned that it will get squashed in an album :(

Amy said...

Ooooh, they are so pretty, and they do look easy - such a gorgeous page ... how do they go in an album?

Sian said...

Lovely flowers! And I love your doodling on your layout, very striking :)

Karen said...

I have to confess that many of my pages are quite 'fat', like this one, some I can squeeze into a page protector but many are too fat even to fit one at a time into a page protector so they live in 12 x 12 boxes. I am afraid that I am a big fan of 'lumpy layouts'!