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08:05 Karen 6 Comments

Hello, my name is Karen and I am a card maker. There I have come right out and said it. I have discovered the joy of making cards and I must now call myself a card maker.

Given the opportunity of spending the afternoon with my scrapping buddy Eileen - what do I take along to do? Not a scrap page but a box of scraps to make cards - how did this happen, how can I choose to make cards rather than scrap. Not only did I make cards but I also sorted through some of her stuff she was going to throw away and retrieved bits to use on cards - including the backing from some self adhesive trim which made a very nice lace border - how frugal am I?

I did make 4 cards on Thursday but one needs to be held back for a couple of weeks ;).

The two green ones were made from scraps of paper and card that Eileen donated to Gracia for her card making but never actually reached Gracia's hands!

The third one was made from some very old Doodlebug paper that I had hanging around and some Poundland gems (our Poundland seems to have given up selling craft stuff so I am just using up the gems I have left).

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's the weekend and I have the people I love most in the world around me all day.

2. I may do some proper scrapping this weekend because I quite fancy this.

3. The summer hols factor has kicked in and I am soooooo chilled!



Elaine said...

Karen your cards are totally gorgeous well done x

MagicLady said...

Your cards are beautiful Karen - and there's nothing wrong with being multi-talented :) I don't think there is a craft invented which I haven't given a go!

Shout it loud and shout it proud, I say xxx

Sian said...

Very pretty cards Karen :)

Deb said...

Such great cards, Karen!

I'm scrapping with a group of friends today AND another group of friends tomorrow and I plan to make notecards to give as a gift. As of right now I have NO idea how I'm going to do them but your cards have inspired me. :o)

Kerry said...

With these cards you can be proud to call yourself a card maker, they are so gorgeous.

Denise said...

Gorgeous cards Karen.You certainly are a card maker :-) x