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School has finished for another 5 1/2 weeks and so the fun begins! School finished with a bang (not literally) on Thursday, when we all went out for a meal and I drove the 200 miles to mum's on Friday. As a result of my very late night my anticipated 8.00 start turned into a 9.30 one and what with the roadworks on part of the motorway, resulting in our not going above 35mph for about 20 miles the journey took over 4 hours. On the way back the motorway was closed at one point and the traffic diverted off without any directions as to how to find it further along! Note to self - even though you have been making the same journey many times each year for the past 17 years still take the satnav and an atlas! My knight in shining armor came to my rescue when I phoned him and he told me how to get back onto the motorway. Oh how I love that man of mine xxx

While we were at mum's Gracia and I made 50 cards for her and Josh to sell for the Russ Foundation, the foundation that is organising the trip to India, he is going at Christmas to build an orphanage.

BUT my absolute favorite cards were these owl ones we made.

I made a digi page using Shimelle's Bazinga kit. The joy of digi scrapping - all I had to take was my laptop and hard drive and I had access to hundreds of photos and kits!

Also another of my mini pages was featured on the home page of UKS - one I made a couple of weeks ago in response to a call for freestyle pages. A huge thanks to my friend Karen C who suggested I draw raindrops onto the page, scary I know but after a couple of large cookies to help brace myself I took the plunge with my trustee white and black journalling pens and loved the result!

A lovely surprise when I got back was my page that I had showed sneaky peeks of, a couple of weeks ago, was on the Papermaze blog!

So what am I going to do with all this time I have on my hands? The list is endless but I had better start with my new promise to myself - that I will iron everything that I take from the drying rack and not put it away to be ironed later. I may then reach the bottom of the ironing pile at the end of the 5 weeks!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have a knight in shining armor who always leaps to my defense and rushes to my rescue.

2. A safe, albeit long, journey to mum's and back.

3. Time spent in the car with Gracia, both of us chatting, singing along to my iPod and 'car dancing' in traffic jams.



Mel said...

Congrats on the Papermaze sketch. Looks gorgeous. If you are at a loose end, I'm around all summer.

Bubbles said...

Your scrapbook style is so unique - really interesting and totally gorgeous!
The cards were brilliant too - and for such a great cause.

Anonymous said...

The Russ Foundation I'm sure was happy over the cards you contributed, they are all lovely. Great work for a good cause!


Amy said...

I need to take on your ironing pledge Karen! Great pages today - such beautiful layering :-)