I'm in Love!

09:04 Karen 5 Comments

I've spent the last couple of days in Sheffield with Gracia, Josh and Josh's mum, admiring the City,

As always it is impossible to get a decent, unposed photo of these two! Can you see the wheel in the background that is like a smaller version of the Millennium Wheel in London?

the uni and going to a talk on Bio Medical Sciences (quite frankly all beyond me but Gracia understood it perfectly) I can honestly say that I totally love Sheffield.

It is a beautiful city and the uni is a part of the town and not a campus stuck out in the middle of nowhere. The university utilises existing buildings

This church is now a lecture theatre.

and also builds new state of the art ones.

This is the new Information Commons which has more than 1,300 study spaces
and over 500 pc's. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and even has shower facilities!

The people are so friendly (it has the lowest crime rate of any city in the UK) and the shopping is plentiful. There are 4 trees to every human which makes it the greenest city in Europe. What more could a student ask - well only the AAB results required to get in on the chosen course!

After our tour of the campus we decided to wander down to the Botanical Gardens

- what a joy to sit in the sunshine and listen to the Cuban musicians getting ready for their evening concert.

There were children dancing to the music and these beautiful Chevrolet cars.

They made me think back to my wedding day as we had a 57 Chevi for our wedding car.

The large greenhouse had the most amazing plants inside

and there were several opportunities for silly photos.

To be truthful life is just one big silly photo opportunity for these two but as a scrapper who am I to complain!

Well I had better get on with the mountain of washing, the very untidy house and the Tesco shop and stop daydreaming about Sheffield!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Spending time with Josh, his mum and Gracia - always a joy.

2. Discovering such a beautiful city as Sheffield.

3. Driving there and back safely.


JO SOWERBY said...

wow, my friend luke lives in sheffield and goes to unbi. he LOVES it there. it looks fab to visit, going august 20th
Jo xxxx

Sian said...

It really does look lovely. I have a friend who went to uni there from N. Ireland and like it so much she stayed, so I'm sending you best of luck with the results you need to get in :)

Deb said...

Awesome photos, Karen! And fun to see shots of Josh and Gracia being...well...themselves. Sounds like a lovely city to visit!

Anonymous said...

Four trees to every person? Sheffield must be a wonderful place to live. I can tell you're in love. Treasure these days, I'm happy for you. Smiles.


Mel said...

Glad the trip was a great success. Good luck to Gracia and Josh in getting the results they need.