She's At It Again!

16:45 Karen 2 Comments

Yes I'm afraid I am. Making cards for the kids to sell. Today I have made 4 and I must admit that they were totally inspired by Wendy McKee's cards on her blog here.

This is my least favorite - I really don't like the colours.

I have loved her style for a long time and have closely copied her cards but added my own twist as I am only using papers and stash, on the cards, that I am happy to give away.

I am much happier making this type of more 'artsy' card than the ones I have been making, although they take much longer to make I feel I have created something rather than just done some cutting and sticking. I would rather make 4 cards like this than 20 quick cards even though they will sell for the same price!

My favorite card today.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am just about to embark on my daily 2 mile walk with Kiera - I love having her home during the holidays.

2. Vegetable curry for tea - yum.

3. Only 5 more invoices left to type today (there will be many more tomorrow but at least I have got the ones I have here done).



Sue said...

Lovely cards :) Enjoy your walk..and curry ;)

Rachel B said...

They are beautiful cards Karen, I love the flowers.